Keep the Hands Clean with Free Hand Sanitizer

When you need to take a break from the daily hubbub of life, being outdoors while social distancing is one way to cure the blues and get some fresh air. Keeping your hands clean is important and when you can’t wash them for at least twenty seconds, hand sanitizer is a quick and simple way to disinfect and moisturize in a pinch.

Hand sanitizers are often an “on the go” solution containing ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or both, which destroy bacteria and viruses that may be lurking in the hands. Alcohols have been shown for decades to be effective in destroying germs by denaturing microbes' protective outer proteins and dissolving their membranes.

We know you may not always have a place to wash your hands if, for example, you’re sunbathing on the beach. To make it easier, we’re hooking you up with a free eight-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer plus free shipping when you make any purchase of $50 on the Panama Jack website whether you purchase sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, hats, or something else.

See you outdoors and stay safe! 

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