The Good And Bad Impact Of Technology On Health

In recent time, technological advancements have grown in leaps and bound and are showing no signs of slowing down. Continuous surge of such technological development has helped many countries save lives and help in improving the overall quality of life.  Technology has not only influenced the lives of the patients and their families but also has contributed to the field of medicinal impact and the overall practice of medical professionals.

With the increase of technological advancements, the daily life of the common people is becoming more and more integrated with such inventions and is leading the concept of a normative lifestyle to a more techno-oriented and machine and digital co-dependent prospect.

Yet, such integration of technology and human lifestyle has, in fact, an adverse effect on the health of the human body. This affects us both good as well as bad. It is important to note that without careful integration and proper use, technology can overrun the human intent and the excessive use can cause immense harm. Though this harm might not be immediate, but few years down the line, it will affect the human species as a whole. Even in current times, the negative effect on health due to technology is an alarming issue. Technology has helped make health in daily life much better and simpler, giving important details and opportunities for treatment quickly and accurately. Everyone can have access to treatment facilities, and online doctor consultations and the overall practice of medicine has made advancements in leaps and bounds.

Beneficial Effect of Technology on Health and Lifestyle:

Nowadays, there is a mobile application for almost everything. From games to economics and even to fitness and health, the digitisation of regulatory norms and practices for proper health maintenance allows us to access the right information required for proper maintaining of the body and keeping fit for the foreseeable future. Online doctor consultation has become more of a widespread practice delivering fast accurate and informative suggestions and prescriptive methods on how to deal with certain health issues.

It is now possible to get medical advice and solutions to health-related problems through online doctor consultations. This removes the hassle of physically making appointments and going to a medical professional’s chamber.

Electronic Health Records:

The introduction of Electronic Health Records or EHR has replaced the use of paper for the systematic storing of records and has been a game changer for numerous healthcare wards. Rather than writing the requisite data like a vital sign, weight, test results, etc. manually, ERH provides nurses and technicians for entering such data digitally. This makes it more efficient and faster to allocate the patients’ data and thus deliver more accurate and quick treatment. EHRs also allow doctors to get the correct data for the relevant patient in a more compact and systematic format much faster allowing them to give quick and effective treatment to their patients.

Internet and Online Mediums:

With the rise and intricate incorporation of technology in our normal daily lives, health options are becoming more and more diverse and readily available. Knowledge about diseases and their treatment can be found readily on the cyberspace. Online doctor consultations are removing the physical barrier and are connecting medical professionals and patients quicker. Online doctor consultation allows the medical knowledge and practise to be more diverse and not be confined and indigenous to particular regions. People can get medical advice from all across the globe and can find well researched and universally accurate medical information.

Use of Smart phones:

In today’s time, everyone is equipped with a smart phones which can be used to acquire medical information at any place and at any time. Information and communication technology allows us to link healthcare professionals and also professionals to patients. This has proved especially useful in rural and suburban areas where there is a lack of communicative facilities and specialist services.


‘Telemedicine’ can be used to refer to a type of two-way video call for consultation, or the transmission and healthcare data and information. Via telemedicine, healthcare and support can be spread to many fields of medicine like cardiovascular healthcare and can allow the practice of modern medicine to reach further rural areas where it is difficult to get proper amenities for proper health.

Just as every coin has two sides, the effect of technology on health is not all good. There are many adverse effects of technology on our health which is leading to many ailments and medical problems. Modern technologies and its development are taking an irreplaceable position in the daily lives of people. This is leading us to become overly dependent on such technologies and is also the cause of some the harmful aspects that one encounters in respect to their health.

Harmful Effects of Technology on Health

Cell Phone Usage: As one of the greatest milestone in the line of technological advancement, cell phones or smart phones have taken up an irreplaceable position in the lives of every person private and social lives. It is almost beyond comprehension nowadays to be without a cell phone. Equipped with every possible tool one could need, it is both a blessing and a curse. People are becoming more and more obsessive about their phones and are losing touch with the humane aspect of their lives. Constant staring at the screens is causing short-sightedness to the entire human species as a whole. Lower concentration and reduced movement are causing many health risks to people in general.

Disturbed Sleep: The excessive dependency and addiction to technology and electronic gadgets are causing people to experience improper rest and are developing poor sleeping habits. Millennial and adolescent individuals are forcefully sacrificing their sleep to spend more time on social media and with their gadgets which is causing forced insomnia. By staying up late forcefully, one disrupts the natural sleep cycle the body has and makes them more tired. Focus and concentration drop rapidly, and the body does not have enough energy to function through the entire day leading to inefficiency properly.

Children’s Development: in today’s day and age, children are using more technology and ever before. This is causing kids and young children to have stunted cognitive growth, poor eyesight and can even show signs of withdrawal from society in the following years. Instead of going out and spending time with friends and family, children are opting to stay indoors and stare at a screen for countless hours. If left unchecked, they might come across content that might influence them in the wrong manner which will later lead to cognitive and emotional issues.

Inaccurate Information: Though it is now a highly beneficial prospect of finding all the information online about health issues, it also has a negative side. Due to the sheer amount of information available, people who do not have the proper knowledge and expertise of the medical line can experience hindrance in sifting out the necessary data. There are many online doctor consultation services available, but unless one can accurately and carefully indulge in the correct consultation, he or she might get the wrong information and thus make matters even worse.

Body Ache: Extensive use of technology as a part of routine life can lead to neck and back pain. Overuse of mobile phones or sitting at the desk on a laptop or computer for extended periods of time can put high amounts of strain on the back, neck and pelvic bones.

Reduced Privacy: This may not seem like a normal point of reference but, social media and the internet takes away one’s sense of privacy. This is also a type of unhealthy situation caused by technology. Apart from that, it adds on to the amount of stress a person is already under form their responsibilities in lowers the morale of an individual. This also increases the risk of having unstable social relationships which can lead to other emotional health issues that hinder overall productivity.

Technology and its development is an integral part of the human lifestyle. It is the parameter to increase the efficiency of living and also integral to the betterment of the human species as a whole. If this growth is left unchecked and if optimal countermeasures are not taken to control its negative aspects, technology can lead to more harm rather than good. Online doctor consultation, mobile apps, EHR and other inventions that are being developed and implemented in the field of medicine have a profound effect on the quality of life. Treatment has become more quick, efficient and accurate and the procedures are safer than they were ten years ago. Also, keep healthy and domestic methods of fitness regulation are also now abundant and readily available to the common people. The integration of technology has helped increase the life expectancy of an average human.

On the flip side, the overuse and dependency on technology for minor tasks is an alarming issue as by having more technology; we are helping health to improve and also at the same time are using it as a cause of deteriorating health.


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