Discover the road to sun protection and adventure with Panama Jack's men's straw hats. Whether you're relaxing by the pool, hiking in the great outdoors, or out on the golf course, our straw sun hats for men boast the ideal blend of style and sensibility. With designs that range from excursion hats to fedoras to those fit for a safari, our Panama Jack straw hats have you covered no matter your style. The best part? Getting outfitted for your adventure doesn't have to break the bank. Shop Panama Jack today and discover the difference!


Men have worn straw hats to keep themselves cool for centuries. Straw is a lightweight, resilient material that makes it a clever choice to cover your head when the rays of the sun are at their peak. Today they come in a wide range of materials which ultimately determine the way they look and feel as well as the quality of the hat.

Straw hats continue to be among the most common and popular types of hats even today. Their lightweight quality helps to keep you cool when the temperatures get a little toasty and the rays of the sun are beaming down on you. We have choices for every size and lots of different styles, from wide-brimmed straw lifeguard hats to tightly-woven straw fedoras for men. Whether it’s a straw hat for a day out on the beach or in your backyard, Panama Jack is all about helping you enjoy life safely in the sun.

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