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Stay Calm, Cool and Protected with Panama Jack® Performance Apparel

Searching for the best way to stay cool, comfortable, and UV-protected during any sun-filled adventure? Look no further than Panama Jack® Performance Apparel.

The perfect way to level up your all-season outdoor clothing collection, our performance apparel is designed for ultimate comfort and breathability. Our performance shirts aren’t just high-quality pieces of apparel, either. They’re also an essential part of a well-rounded sun protection strategy. Whatever style you prefer, you can rely on the UPF 35+ fabric to give you all-day UVA/UVB defense.

All About UPF

What does high-performance sun protection mean when it comes to clothing? Here’s what you need to know.

How Does It Work?

UPF, or Ultraviolet Protection Factor, indicates a piece of clothing’s sun protection capabilities. Not to be confused with Sun Protection Factor (SPF), UPF gauges the amount of UV light that can penetrate a given fabric and reach your skin. The higher a fabric’s UPF rating, the less UV light allowed to pass through.

Think of it this way: The UPF number corresponds to a fraction of UV light. UPF 50 fabric allows 1/50th (2%) of light to penetrate. UPF 30 fabric allows about 1/30th (3.3%) to pass through, and UPF 15 fabric allows 1/15th (6.7%).

Most fabrics provide some level of UPF, but not all are specifically designed with UV sun protection in mind. When choosing clothing for a long outdoor day, look for a UPF label so you know you’re getting the level of protection you need.

UPF and SPF: What’s the Difference?

SPF is a system for measuring the effectiveness of sunscreen products. The number you see on a sunscreen bottle refers to the amount of sun exposure it would take for the skin to start burning with sunscreen vs. without sunscreen. UPF ratings, on the other hand, refer to the amount of UV radiation that a garment absorbs before it can reach your skin.

Another key difference between SPF and UPF is the scope of their protection. SPF, unless labeled Broad Spectrum, only offers UVB protection. UPF clothing will provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

A comprehensive sun protection strategy is key when spending time outdoors. In addition to using SPF sunscreen, layering with a UPF sun shirt is a surefire way to strengthen your defense against harmful UV rays.

What Impacts UPF Ratings?

Several factors can enhance — or diminish — a garment’s ability to protect your skin from sun damage.


We know: On a hot summer day, you probably want to throw on an airy cotton or linen shirt, but if sun protection is your priority, loosely woven fabrics shouldn’t be your top choice. Instead, opt for synthetic fibers (like polyester or nylon) or dense natural fabrics (like denim).


The more loosely woven your fabric is, the more gaps there are for UV light to pass through and cause skin damage. Panama Jack® performance fishing shirts and apparel are made from tightly woven synthetic fabric, minimizing your chances of skin damage without compromising on the breathability you want from performance apparel.


Dark colors may not scream “summer,” but they’re more effective than lighter shades at absorbing UV rays before they can reach your skin. If you don’t want to give up your summer shades, go for a bright color, such as vivid orange or blue, which will protect your skin better than less saturated hues.


While some clothing items are protective because of their fiber construction or density, others may contain UV-protective ingredients. For example, standard cotton or rayon fabrics are generally ineffective at disrupting UV rays, but they can reach a higher UPF rating with added chemicals or dyes.

What Else Makes Clothing High Performance?

We know sun protection isn’t the only thing you’re looking for in performance apparel. Our long sleeve performance shirts include all of the features you need during your next outdoor activity.


The last thing you want is heavy fabrics weighing you down dring a sunny day outdoors. Our shirts are made with light, breathable fabric to keep you cool wherever your adventures take you.

Moisture Wicking & Quick Dry

Whether you’re out on the water, working up a sweat exploring that new trail, or simply lounging by the pool, our performance shirts are designed to keep you as dry as possible — so you always feel fresh and comfortable.

Super Stretch

Speaking of comfort, Panama Jack® Performance Apparel features ultra-stretchy fabric that maintains a stylish, fitted shape while giving you freedom of movement.

Extending Your Sun Protection

There’s no such thing as too much sun protection, so before you head outdoors, take these additional precautions to stay sun-safe.

Apply Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen

A Broad Spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher is the cornerstone of every sun protection strategy. For long-lasting protection, make sure you’re applying and reapplying according to the product’s instructions.

Wear UV-Protective Sunglasses

At Panama Jack®, we have a wide range of Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ sunglass designs, each featuring 100% UVA/UVB protection. You can enhance your unique style while giving your eyes the sun protection they deserve.

Top Off Your Sun Protection With a Hat

A fashionable statement piece and practical accessory, hats are a must-have addition to your year-round wardrobe. From classic fedoras to trendy bucket styles, a Panama Jack® Hat can turn an ordinary outfit into a totally-you ensemble. The best part? Many of our hats feature maximum UPF 50+ protection.

Seek Shade from the Sun

Whether you pull out an umbrella, or relax beneath a tree, staying in the shade can significantly reduce your risk of sun damage, especially during peak sun hours when UV rays are the strongest.

Remember: UV Damage Is a Year-Round Risk

The seasons may change, but the sun’s rays never rest. Even on the most overcast days, harmful UV rays can penetrate through clouds and damage your skin. Winter can also be dangerous when it comes to sun exposure. Snow is highly reflective and can multiply your risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Ready to enhance your year-round outdoor clothing collection? Wherever your next escape brings you, stay calm, cool and protected with Panama Jack® Performance Apparel.

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