10 Best Sandy Beaches Along Canadian Lakes

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Canada might be most widely known for crisp winters and friendly locals, but the country also has some lakeside beaches that rival anything you’ll find along the coast.

Clear Lake, Manitoba
Wasagaming has become a popular spot for family vacations in Manitoba thanks in large part to the wealth of activities at Clear Lake. Sandy beaches, hiking trails and scuba diving are all available. Personal jet skis are illegal, though, making some watersports off limits.

Chocolate Lake, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Heading to a lake on Nova Socita, which is surrounded by ocean water, might seem a little silly but there are those who prefer to take a dip in fresh water. Chocolate Lake provides beaches and a family-friendly atmosphere that meets all your needs.

Grand Beach, Manitoba
Grand Beach is probably the most popular beach in Manitoba. It resides on Lake Winnipeg and is full of activities including boating, fishing, kite boarding and the surrounding Grand Beach Provincial Park has some of the best hiking and camping in the area. In August the beach hosts a competition to find the best sand castle builders in the country.

Grand Bend, Ontario
The city of Grand Bend, off the coast of Lake Huron, boasts more than 30 kilometers of beautiful beaches to choose from, and choosing one is a little pointless. South Beach is home to many bars and restaurants for the party crowd, while North Beach is a great spot to relax with family. You can’t go wrong no matter which you pick.

Bennett Beach, Yukon
The joys of Bennett Beach are purely aesthetic. It’s located in one of the most beautiful areas in the country right off the shores of Lake Erie. The beaches are sandy, the waters clear and low and the surrounding mountains make for one gorgeous backdrop. 

Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan
Not all of Canada’s best lakeside beaches rest along the Great Lakes. Manitou Beach in Saskatchewan is a pretty little spot on Little Manitou Lake. It’s a resort town, which means there are plenty of places here to get pampered, or you can simply relax on a sailboat and enjoy the views.

Clearwater Lake, Manitoba
Clearwater Lake is a fisherman’s dream. Sandy shores rest upon beautiful and usually clear waters that house thousands of trout throughout the year. The surrounding area isn’t very crowded, making it a nice place to spend the day basking in the sun.

Sandbanks, Ontario
The Sandbanks area of Ontario, the jumping off point for Prince Edward County near Lake Ontario, is home to three sprawling beaches. All of them are great options. The area is home to wetlands and dunes and stands as a heavy migration point for birds. The views are beautiful, the water warm and there’s plenty to do both on the shores and off.

Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Wasaga Beach is the longest freshwater beach in the entire world and it’s absolutely packed with restaurants, bars and hundreds of revelers playing beach volleyball or soaking up some rays. This place gets packed, so if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet you’d better look elsewhere. If you’re down for hours of fun in the sun, this is definitely the spot.

Wabamun Lake, Alberta
Alberta isn’t exactly bustling with beautiful beaches, but Wabamun is definitely a special place that’s loads of fun to visit. Most of the beaches here are manmade while the natural ones are often overrun with vegetation. You’ll find plenty of cottages along the shores, though, and it’s the perfect spot for a vacation where you’ll get to mean with dozens of Alberta’s locals.

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