Our Story

It's a sunset celebration with bananas in the blender, 

It's the triumph of the spirit as monotony surrenders.

It's a suntan and a white dress, it's a style to simplify excess.  

It's a straw hat and dark sunglasses, it's reflecting on what passes.

It's shorts when dress is normal, it's a t-shirt when it's formal.

It's a lifestyle at half throttle, it's an island in a bottle.

It's a mango ripe for peeling, it's a Panama Jack® kind of feeling!

Panama Jack® is a time and a place - the way life was meant to be lived. Made with Love, Care and Pride since 1974, our products bring this lifestyle to people’s everyday lives. Whether at home or abroad, there's always more to see and explore.

Wherever the winds take you next on your journey, Panama Jack® can help you get there.