Panama Jack 50 Years of Summer

Every summer has a story, and ours began on a Florida beach in 1974 with our first line of tanning products. From those sunny beginnings, Panama Jack quickly established itself as a trusted sun care brand, introducing lotions, oils, and some of the first SPF products on the market.
After all, "with Panama Jack on your back, you've got the sun on your side."

A few summers and a popular new t-shirt line later, Panama Jack soared into the collective popular consciousness, even being featured in Life magazine's "Worn in the USA" 1985 edition. With the expansion into apparel and increased demand for more Panama Jack products, we branched out further, bringing you headwear, sunglasses, beach cruisers, furniture, and more, all designed to embody the same carefree, summer mindset that can only be described as a “Panama Jack kind of feeling.”

Fast forward through countless sunsets, and here we are, still soaking up every golden ray together. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot. One thing we know for sure is how much we appreciate you. And while we can’t help but reflect on the countless stories that have unfolded under the sun, we’re not just reminiscing, we’re gearing up for more.
More adventures, more laughs, and yes, more of those unbeatable sunsets.
Here’s to you, us, and to a future filled with sunshine.

Endless thanks, Panama Jack

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