6 Autumn Beach Activities

It may be too cold for swimming (depending on what part of the world you’re in) but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the beach until spring. From cozy bonfires to master sandcastle building, a guide to how to make the most out of the beach this fall.

Beach Games
The best part about playing beach games in the fall is that you run a far smaller risk of getting dehydrated, burned by the sun, or having to negotiate scorching sand. Instead, you get crisp weather, less crowds, and an excuse to warm up with a hot chocolate when you’re done. Some excellent autumn beach games include Kubb, KanJam, ladder golf, or just some old fashioned frisbee.

Nothing is cozier than a bonfire on the beach when the weather starts to change. Roasting hot dogs, toasting marshmallows, cuddling up with loved ones, and keeping warm by the fire are all the ingredients needed for an absolutely perfect fall afternoon. Provided you’ve got the required permit paperwork taken care of, you should be good to go. Just make sure to leave things better than how you found them and practice good fire safety.

Build Sand Castles
Or better yet, sand cities. Pack some heavy duty shovels and buckets and go to town creating sprawling sand metropolises that would make a city planner proud. Less crowds means more space to work on your masterpieces and there’s something soothing about getting your hands dirty even when it’s cooler out.

Get Your Run On
Beach running is, according to many, the best kind of running out there. The feeling of sand under your feet and the sound of the surf crashing beside you is so incredibly invigorating that you’ll probably find yourself leaving your headphones at home. Fall is the perfect time to run on the beach because you avoid the intense heat and harsh sun that usually come with the summer months. Don’t forget to hydrate, though. Just because you don’t feel as hot doesn’t mean you don’t need water.

Setting up your canvas on the beach in the fall has got to be one of the most peaceful ways to spend an afternoon. The changing colors and beautiful light will provide incredible inspiration and even if you’re new to painting, you’re bound to be inspired by the breathtaking beauty around you. Prefer to keep things a little less messy? Bring along a sketchbook and your favourite pencils or charcoals. Add a beach chair, a thermos of tea, and a cozy blanket and you’ve got yourself a set up fit for creating the next big masterpiece.

Enjoying a beach picnic in autumn is a lot easier than doing the same thing in the summer. Cooler temperatures mean less concern about packing perishables and since you’re less likely to be spending the entire day on the beach, you have the luxury of carrying a little more weight in your basket. Some ideal fall beach picnic fare includes hearty sandwiches, harvest fruit and vegetables, pie, apple cider, and the fixings for some top notch s’mores.

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