6 Best Water Activities

Wavebreak Media / thinkstock.com

Wavebreak Media / thinkstock.com

A day at the beach just isn’t complete without some time spent splashing in the waves. Swimming is definitely fun but sometimes you just need to satisfy your sense of adventure. If you’re up for trying something new, look no further than these 6 awesome water activities, guaranteed to make your next day on the beach one for the books.

Perhaps the quintessential water activity, surfing is thought to have originated in 1767 and has most definitely stood the test of time. The idea is simple—hop on a board, paddle out, and catch some wicked waves. In practice, it can be a bit more complicated and generally speaking, surf rookies tend to benefit from pro lessons. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s hard to avoid becoming obsessed. This sport is a lifestyle and a pretty amazing one at that.

Body Boarding
Body boarding, besides being a ton of fun, is generally accessible to most people which makes it a perfect beach day activity. The idea is that you ride a board out into the water, wait for an amazing wave to crest, and then ride it all the way back in. Once you’ve been out a few times, you’ll find that it becomes easier to position yourself to ensure maximum speed and distance.

Skim Boarding
This is one activity that is definitely harder than it looks. The idea is to skim (hence the name) across the shallow water near shore, catch a wave, and then ride it back in. Sound easy? Give it a shot and you’ll likely be singing a different tune. Beginners and pros alike can have a great time trying to conquer smaller waves that lap the shore, whether you’re trying to master a trick or just trying to stay upright, you’re going to have a blast.

Water Skiing
Water skiing, despite its name, doesn’t have much in common with its alpine counterpart (other than the fact that both involve skis of some sort). The former requires balance, strength, and a willingness to be submerged over and over again. The sport can be a bit daunting to newbies as it can be challenging to get up out of the water but give it a chance and you’ll quickly find yourself picking up some serious speed. One thing to always remember: keep those ski tips up!

What better way to spend a day on the water than being towed behind a fast boat, riding the wake while strapped to a single board. Sound good? Say hello to wakeboarding, snowboarding’s aquatic counterpart. Like water skiing, this sport requires unique skills and techniques but the premise is pretty similar. First, you have to focus on getting up and staying up. Once you’ve got that part mastered, it’s time to work on your tricks. Perfect for daredevils and those who aren’t afraid to catch a little air.

If you’re the type who craves adventure and isn’t adverse to taking a few risks, you may just be the perfect candidate for a parasailing excursion. The idea is that you are harnessed up to a parasail (it looks a lot like a parachute) and then hooked up to a boat via a very long tie. Once the boat gains a little speed, wind does its thing and you’ll find yourself sailing high above the water, enjoying the ride of your life. The parasailer has no control over speed or direction so make sure that you find a driver you trust!

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