7 Best Beach Towns of Poland

When you think of epic beach vacation spots the Baltic coast of Poland probably isn’t the first place to spring to mind. You might be surprised to find that there are some pretty pristine stretches of sand in this country that are worth a peek. Next time you’re in Europe in the summertime consider stopping by one of these hotspots.

Not only is Sopot home to one of the cleanest beaches in the country, it’s also a popular resort town that holds a plethora of activities to enjoy. Here you’ll find waterparks and concerts galore that feature a lot of jazz and cabaret, if that’s your style. Otherwise, there are plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you busy when you’re not soaking up some rays.sopot

Hel is actually a peninsula filled with many beach towns in Poland’s northern region and a great destination for the budget-conscious traveler looking for a good time. The small cities lining the shore here like Wladyslawowo, Chalupy and Jurata are brimming with surf shops, restaurants and blindingly white sand for you to lay your towel on. They can get a little crowded, but it’s definitely a lively and fun area to be.hel

Gdynia is a bustling town with two beaches to choose from. Ortowo is the more relaxed of the two and a popular spot for paragliding thanks to its sheer cliffs overlooking the ocean and scenic forest trails surrounding the shores. The beach just north of the city center is home to a little more excitement, but good luck finding a spot to rest!Gdynia

The tiny seaside village of Rowy certainly doesn’t carry the upscale amenities that many ritzier tourists are looking for on vacation, but those more down to earth will be delighted with the number of rowdy pubs and restaurants that dot the town. The beaches here are incredibly clean and provide ample opportunity for fishing, if that’s your jam.Rowy

Though Łeba might not be the most exciting village in Poland, it is thought to have the cleanest and possibly widest beach on the coast. It’s a wonderful area for ocean camping thanks to long stretches of sand. When you’re not playing in the ocean you can enjoy windsurfing, horseback riding or simply exploring the dozens of sand dunes in the area.Łeba

Kołobrzeg is one of the more relaxed beach resort towns along Poland’s coast that benefits from great historical architectures and a beach that never gets too crowded even in the midst of summer. You’ll often find people gathered to play volleyball along the shores and can even participate in a tournament or two if you’d like. The prices here are affordable and the town itself is a wonderful place to explore.Kołobrzeg

Dębki is a name not tossed around much by foreign tourists, but rather something of a seaside paradise located in Northern Poland that locals are probably trying to keep secret. It’s quaint, yet beautiful, and the perfect place to relax. The town itself only houses about 100 residents but during the summer months Poles from across the country flock here for a little peace and quiet surrounding by stunning views.debkiimages from Wikipedia

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