7 of the Most Secluded U.S. Beaches

The thoughts of waves crashing playfully on the shore and soft warm sand hugging your toes is all it takes to get you craving a day at the beach. Nix the local shore swelling with tourists, parking meters and  condos. Instead, opt for a more natural landscape to find secluded, salty serenity with 7 U.S. beaches that like to keep things private and pristine.

Carova beach, NCThis is one of the most undeveloped beaches on the North Carolina coast due to a lack of paved roads. Put that vehicle in 4 wheel drive and power through the primitive dirt road system- the only access to the shore. What sets this hidden gem apart from the rest are the descendants of shipwrecked Spanish mustangs that call this beach home, and if you’re lucky, you may get to see them.

Kaihalulu, HIThe right of passage to this secret cove is earned, as the location is quite difficult to find. If you’re feeling adventurous, prepare to brave hazardous surf and a nerve racking, narrow cliff path. Hard work pays off, as your perilous journey ends at a  deep red sand bank surrounded by black cliffs and a sparkling blue lagoon.

Wildcat Beach, CAThis is another one of mother natures special secrets, tucked away out of civilizations reach on the Pacific coast. Prepare for a treacherous hike through brazen wilderness where poison oak is a familiar face amongst the trails. You can breathe easy when you finally reach the long stretch of silky sand, where you can set up camp and enjoy an overnight beach stay.

Bahia Honda State Park, FLYou can’t go wrong with this 500-acre stretch of pristine shoreline that offers some of the best snorkeling in the nation. Located in the Florida Keys, spend your dream vacation combing this lush coast while everyone else hightails it to the packed beaches of Key West.

Indian Beach, ORA short, scenic wilderness hike will lead you to this peaceful beach of the North Pacific. Spend the day frolicking in the waves, tide pooling and enjoying the dazzling cliff views that make this secluded coast a worthwhile and memorable trip.

Cumberland Island, GAYou can thank the Carnegie family, who used this beautiful island as a family retreat in the early 1900s, and fought vehemently to keep the condos and resorts at bay. Now, this island is a protected sanctuary, where visitors can stay at the historic Greyfield Inn and spend a day back in time biking the coast where you may spot armadillos, wild horses and seat turtles.

Roque Bluffs, ME      It’s like traversing through Never Never Land to reach this serene coast. Follow Roque Bluff Road past blueberry barrens, boreal fir forests and finally through thick clusters of beach roses to a pebble laden beach. The freshwater kettle pond is perfect for an enjoyable dip. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the steely blue waters of the New England treasure.

By Courtney Lambert

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