7 Reasons to Spend Father’s Day at the Beach

Father’s Day is around the corner and, lucky for you, dads are easy to please. This holiday isn’t some big extravagant affair that often leads to empty wallets and crushed dreams like another parent-centric holiday we could mention. All you need to do on your dad’s weekend to keep him happy is give him a cold beer and a nice beach.

Seriously, don’t forget the beer.
If you’re going to splurge on your dad this holiday, do it by loading him up with some of the finest beer available. He’ll need plenty of bottles to keep him busy while he’s soaking up the rays so grab a couple of cases of the good stuff. We’re talking craft, not Pabst Blue Ribbon. Don’t be cheap, he’s earned it.

Let him show off the “Dad bod.”
Ah, the Dad bod. By now we’ve all heard about this glorious specimen seemingly unique to fatherhood. It’s clearly the result of all the beers they drink from having to put up with us over the years. At the beach he can let his Dad bod shine in all it’s jiggly, farmer tanned glory. Since it’s his day, you don’t get to complain about it or suggest working out, either. If you want to take it to the next level, nothing goes better with his speedo than a straw hat.

They’ve got sports and stuff.
If your dad is the active kind, or occasionally likes to pretend he is, there’s plenty to keep him busy at the beach. You can take him waterskiing, surfing or set up a net for a game of beach volleyball. Just be sure to let him win without letting him know you’re letting him win.

He can be as lazy as he pleases.
Where else can you spend an entire day sleeping, drinking and lying on your back and not get nagged for it other than the beach? Nowhere. It’s the perfect place for your dad to relax and enjoy the day off he’s earned for all those times he changed your diaper when you were a baby.

You can make it a BBQ.
Dad’s love barbecues. It’s just a fact. You can have a barbecue at the beach to help give him all his favorite things in one place. Since it’s his big day, it’s time for you to handle the grilling. Unless, of course, he’s the family grill master and loves showing off his skills. If he happens to burn a burger or two, try not to complain.

He’ll have no responsibility.
Throwing a party for a dad is kind of awkward. Most aren’t interested in being the center of attention for long periods of time or feeling like they have to entertain. The beach takes the pressure off by providing plenty of activities to keep everyone busy. Your dad can enjoy his special day while not worrying about what the heck everyone else is doing or trying to keep up conversation with relatives he’d rather not be around.

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