7 Ways to Get Your Beach Fix…in the Middle of Winter



Bad news, summer lovers: beach season is still a long, long way away.

Sure, winter and spring have their perks, but if you live for the beach, you’re probably longing for sunny days spent playing in the sand. We feel for you. And we happen to have the same outlook—there’s nothing quite like summer.

While there is no substitute for sipping a cold tropical drink while the saltwater laps your toes, there are a few ways to get your fix of the beach. Here are 7 ways to satisfy your summertime beach cravings.

Tune In
Take some time to play a little make believe: sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite songs of summer. You might choose a soundtrack featuring ukulele tunes, classics like the Beach Boys, or just whatever top 40 song you had on repeat last year that jogs beachy memories for you. “Sounds of the Ocean” CD optional.

Go Cold
Hanging out by an icy beach in a parka isn’t quite the same as a summertime beach excursion, but just being by the water might satisfy your cravings enough to help you make it through the winter season. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate and get lost in the rhythm of the waves. Bonus: you won’t have to fight the crowds this time of year.

Treat yourself to a little taste of a beach holiday. This might mean picking up a bottle of coconut-scented lotion, or ordering in some fish tacos and pretending that you’re enjoying them on a beach blanket somewhere far, far away. A little indulgence goes a long way.

Change Your Surroundings
If there’s nowhere on earth you’d rather be than the beach, why not infuse your home décor with some beachy touches? We have some incredible furnishings and home accessories to choose from. A little makeover and presto—you’ll get to enjoy the beach vibe 365 days a year.

Get Planning
Build the anticipation by starting to plan for your next beach vacation. Compare accommodations, read up on the local beaches, and determine the best time of year to go. Not only will you satisfy your beach fix, but you’ll also be super organized when the time finally comes to escape to the sea!

Escape a Little…
When there’s three feet of snow outside and the storm doesn’t show signs of stopping, give up on your plans and accept that you’re going to have a night in—beach style. Watch your favorite beach-inspired flicks—Summer Catch, Point Break, and of course The Beach. Just pretend, for a moment, that you’re there too.

…Or Escape a Lot
There is one last way to get your beach fix in the middle of the winter: escape to somewhere far away that’s warm and tropical. Live a little and book an impromptu trip to the nearest sunny beach taking advantage of any last minute deals that you can find. Live it up while you’re there—you’ll need to get enough beach to last you through the next several months!

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