9 Signs You Were Born a Beach Bum



Do you prefer the laidback and barefoot lifestyle? Does your diet consist of smoothies, coconut water, and fish tacos? If so, you might need to drop everything and head to the beach indefinitely.

The Beach Bum Wardrobe
Your wardrobe consists of flip-flops made in every color and style known to man. If 75 percent of your wardrobe contains bathing suits, scuba gear, sundresses, tanks, tees, and shorts, you certainly gravitate toward the laid back beach lifestyle. Even if you live in a cold climate, you cannot wait until summer so your feet, skin, and soul are free of tight and restrictive clothing.

Ocean-Inspired Tattoos
Beach bums crave a connection between man, sea and nature. If you tattoo turtles, octopuses, sharks, narwhals, dolphins, or the ocean, then you have a deep yearning to be around the ocean.

The Beach Body Diet
Mangos, coconuts, and fish tacos topped with a cilantro-cabbage salsa fires your digestive juices as quickly as the sun cooks your tan skin. You enjoy hemp milk smoothies and any food that comes from nature so you can flaunt your perfect beach body.

You Got Beach Brain
If it takes you 20 to 30 seconds to respond to someone’s question, no need to worry. You don’t have Alzheimer’s; you suffer from “beach brain.” You have no mental capacity for the real-world dramas and your sun-soaked brain lost every ounce of focus and concentration. Why? Because “life’s a beach” and you can only think and dream about the ocean.

You Respect Nature
True beach bums have a deep and profound respect for the ocean and nature. You value the importance of the ocean’s every creature including the apex predators. You enter their territory with excitement and dream of a cleaner ocean.

The Beach is Your Gym
Why pay for a gym membership when you can get a slamming body for free from nature. Beach jogging, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, diving, and exercising in the sand is the best membership you’ve owned. Sure, you may lift in a gym every now and then, but you blast most of your calories in the ocean.

You (Want to) Live By the Sea
Even if you don’t live by the sea, you know one day that you will. Your dream is to live next to the shore to inspire your creative projects. You prefer the simple life of sun, sand, sea, surfing and sipping cocktails while watching the sunset.

You Look Better After a Swim
Is the ocean your hairdresser? Does the ocean bring a smile to your face? Nothing cleanses your spirit more than a nice dip in the sea. You notice that your hair looks its best after being infused with salt water and your abs look amazing after surfing. If you “glow” after a swim, it means you probably should get your self out there more often.

Frank the Flounder is Your Best Friend
If you “hit the beach” everyday in search of saying, “hello” to Frank the Flounder, Sally the Sea Squid, or Tommy the Turtle then you are definitely a beach bum. You dive into the ocean in search of new creatures while bonding with your familiar and long-term buddies. In fact, some of your best mates are found under the sea.

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