Beach Side Woes: 4 Tips To Ward Off Thieving Seagulls

Seagulls aren’t only a nuisance—they can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Once these winged thieves get a taste of human food, they will keep coming back for more—normally at your sandwich’s expense. Save yourself and your food with these seagull-proof tips.

Safeguard Your Tupperware
“Out of sight, out of mind” is the mantra every beach-going foodie should adhere to. Seagulls, like most birds, are animals of visual prowess; they see their world through well-focused lenses. And that also plays into how they satiate their diets. If the circling sandwich bandits can’t see the misplaced, unprotected deli meal, then they shouldn’t’—and wouldn’t—want anything to do with you or your unsuspecting family. But that’s not to say the family adjacent to you are abiding by the same courtesy.

What Glimmers Could Be Gold—And They’ll take It Regardless
Seagulls, like other birds with a heightened sense of vision, are drawn to lustrous things. That shiny bracelet or set of keys are beacons for nosing birds…so put them in a place where they won’t see the light of day. Yet again, “out of sight, out of mind” will keep your stuff out of the beaks of beach thieves.

Get Creative—Really Creative
As a writer and self-knighted creative type, I truly believe that creativity is the new literacy. It’s the benchmark of all further sound progression. And that same courtesy can be extended to the coastline. We know that seagulls are petrified of raptors (predatory birds); put an imitation owl underneath your umbrella.

Birds, in general, shy away from “warning colors” such as secondary-reds and -yellows; buy the most audacious, crimson or bright yellow blankets and towels you can get your hands on. Now, granted, your sandy hideout might end-up looking like a circus act with its canvassing of eccentric colors and amassing of lawn foul, but at least you won’t be bothered.

Respect, It’s Not Just What It Means To You
Regardless of your seaside sentiments, despite the fact that the seagulls (despite your best attempts) are still flocking feet from you, lead with one word in particular—respect. They’re living, breathing beings, just like you and me; they don’t deserve to he “playfully” shot with a BB gun or pummeled by rocks. If things get out of hand, separate yourself from the situation. Go inside and let those pesky birds bug someone else.

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