Best Beach Reads


Nothing meshes together better than the beach and a good book. It’s like eating peanut butter jelly, reading on a sunny beach, goes together and stimulates our imagination and promotes joy. For some reading is a hobby, whereas others view reading as their therapy session to escape work and worries. The next time you’re heading to the beach, save room in your bag for some of the best beach reads.

Biography – Steve Jobs

Instead of looking at your iPhone on the beach, why not read about the ferocious Apple creator and entrepreneur, Steve Jobs. Author Walter Isaacson, conducted over forty interviews with more than a hundred friends, family members, competitors and colleagues. Read the riveting tales that revolutionized six industries from digital publishing to smart phones to animated movies. Jobs speaks nothing but the truth, which may be hard to handle, but his genius, obsessive mind is what evolved Apple to its present future.

Travel Memoir – Eat, Pray, Love

This popular travel memoir is about a woman’s journey across Italy, India and Bali.  Successful writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, was unhappy in marriage, filed divorce and failed with a rebound relationship. This led to travel for a year to eat in Italy, find spirituality in India and explore balance in Bali, where Gilbert finds true love.

Crime Novel – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Fuse the dark with the light on the beach with the riveting tales written by creative author, Stieg Larsson.  Take a walk in the troubled shoes of surveillance agent and sophisticated hacker, Lizbeth Salander, who reports on journalist Mikael Blomkvist for the wealthy Vangar, who wants an investigative reporter to discover the missing link for the disappearance of his grandniece. Lisbeth and Mikael eventually team together to find a mass murderer of women, which is Salander’s deep-dark passion and goal.

Chick Flick Reads– Confessions of a Shopaholic

For those who are addicted to the credit card, look no further than through the eye of character, Becky Bloomwood, a big dreamer who has a small pocketbook. Set place in London, Becky has everything–the trendy flat, social friends and each season’s must-have outfits, but her writing job does not pay the bills. Talk a walk through Becky’s expensive shoes as she grows stronger every time her and her bank account weakens.

Spirituality – The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality

Written by the Dalai Lama himself, this book brings forty years of study to present a brilliant analysis of why we need science and spirituality to discover the whole picture of truth. This book is a vision that helps us understand who are, what our universe is and comprehend humanity.

Beach Read – Surfing Life Waves: A Philosophy for Life. Lessons from the OceanMost surfers ride the wave called life, but in essence humans are surrounded by waves every day. Maybe that’s why surfing is so metaphorical for life’s endeavors. This book provides for those metaphors to swirl and embrace passion, commitment, detachment and flow. Waves are breaking everywhere. How do you choose to ride them?