Best Beach Skydiving in California

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Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers yearn for something more adventurous than sunbathing and romantic walks on the beach. These folks rather enjoy the sun, sand, and sea with an aerial shoreline view while jumping out of a plane thousands of feet above earth. Beach skydiving is an ideal way to integrate excitement with magnificent views of California’s ever-changing coast. From rocky cliffs to long strips of white sand, explore the best of “The Golden State” with these skydiving trips.

Monterey Bay
Monterey and Big Sur are ideal locations to explore the vast northern California terrain. Shorelines integrate a fusion of mountainous shorelines with pristine sandy beaches. features jumps that take place up toward 18,000 feet, one of the highest jumps in the world. The views are spectacular thanks to the drop zone being close to the ocean with views of the shoreline north and south of Monterey toward Santa Cruz and Big Sur.

Skydive Coastal California
This tour company specializes in first time jumpers to explore the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara or the Ventura shoreline. Jumpers free-fall at 120 miles per hour, which lasts approximately one minute of thrill-seeking adrenaline. Tandem diving is available so no need to do something crazy solo.

San Diego
San Diego is known for its temperate climate and sunny days, which makes skydiving an ideal, year-round opportunity. Jumpers are treated to an ocean, urban and army view as divers plunge over the So-Cal landscape in search of their landing point. If looking for some spectacular photos, jump near sunset for colorful skies.

San Francisco
Get ready for an aerial view one of the most beautiful cities in the world. features a San Francisco and Bay area dive featuring views of the city all the way down the coast toward Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay. Explore iconic sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge, which looks as small as a toy bridge from the plane.

Santa Cruz
The Bay area is popular with skydiving, thanks to its stunning ocean views and sunny climate. Skydive Surf City LLC features tandem jumps, which overlook spectacular sites such as Monterey Bay, Aptos, Capitola Beach, Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz boardwalk. The view doesn’t get any more sun and oceanic than this fast-blowing free-fall. This company provides the most stunning water views in California.

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