How to Throw a Killer Beach Bonfire Party Even When It’s Chilly Outside

PJ_LA_0727Spring is fast approaching but winter still nips at our heals. If you’re itching for some beach-time but still hesitant because of the chill in the air, here are some simple but effective tips for staving off the cold temperatures, while still throwing an awesome beach bonfire to ring-in the coming beach-season.

Provide Hot Beverages
If there’s a nip in the air, give your friends a warm mug of hot cocoa. You can build a hot cocoa bar with different flavored extracts—peppermint, almond, raspberry and vanilla are great options—and topping such as flavored marshmallows, whipped cream or ground nutmeg. Other warm beverages great for a beach bonfire include gourmet coffee and a variety of hot teas.

Not sure how to warm up and serve your drinks down on the beach? A simple camp stove or Jetboil should do the trick, or use a crock pot for large groups.

Offer Cozy Blankets and Quilts
Easily carried to your chosen beach location, offering guests a blanket or quilt makes your bonfire experience charming.

Be sure to provide seating that’s off the ground since the sand is likely to still be cold. Draping a blanket over each chair before guests arrive adds a whimsical touch.

Make it an Ugly Sweater or Scarf Party
You’ll want to encourage your guests to dress warmly. If you’d like to have a little fun with wardrobe choices, turn your beach-bonfire into an Ugly Sweater or Scarf Party. Not just for Christmas, ugly sweaters can be found year-round at local thrift stores and usually boast pictures of cats staring off into the distance, wolves, or far too many ribbons.

A nice touch? Offer a small prize for the ugliest sweater or scarf. Perhaps a mason jar with hot-chocolate mix inside?

Have Guests Bring Comfort Food
Potlucks are always exciting and allow guests to show off their cooking flair.

Before the temperatures heat up, organize foods that are warm and hearty. A beach barbecue with sides of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and roasted vegetables would be a great place to start.

Don’t have an accommodating table? A long piece of plywood and sawhorses (covered with a decorative table cloth, of course) will be a perfect (and inexpensive) makeshift beach table.

Utilize Warm Lighting, Candles and Tiki Torches
Along with the ambiance of the bonfire itself, you may still want to warm things up a bit by setting out a variety of candles, lanterns and tiki torches.

Want to add a fun touch? Give your guests marshmallow skewers and make beach s’mores!

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