How to Throw a Killer Beach Party

Lindsay Birmingham / iStock /

Lindsay Birmingham / iStock /

You can’t beat a beach party on those hot weekends during the summer, but do you know how to throw a super bangin’ seashore shindig without looking like a complete kook? Here are a few essential ideas to make your summer parties the envy of every beach bum.

Stay Cool
There are some who like to slather on that tanning oil and bake for hours in a quest to turn crispy brown, but it’s a good idea to provide some shade for guests while also establishing your beach party spot. Fold up canopies are perfect for this and also provide shade for coolers and food. Simple tents and umbrellas work well also, but fly-away umbrellas are a pain in the butt and tents are way too isolating.

Coolers are a must for the beach. Sure, everyone will opt for those icy beers and sodas, but remember to keep that water stocked up! It’s way too easy to get dehydrated at the beach, especially if imbibing alcohol. If you don’t want your friends to pass out, keep that water right where everyone can see it. Looking for some fun and fruity drink ideas to add tropical flair? Try soaking pineapple chunks in coconut rum overnight and serve!

Beach Munchies
Chips, sandwiches, portable grilles (depending on whether they are allowed at your beach)- you know what to do when it comes to food. Need some easy ideas? Try this fresh salsa recipe or grille up some pineapple. Now here is the important part. DON’T FEED THE SEAGULLS. Get all that? Please…don’t be that guy.

Most party guests will bring their own towels and beach chairs to sit in, but why not get creative and really bring the party to life with a sweet sand couch? Get a couple of buddies to help and you can knock out a comfortable, sandy VIP booth in no time.

Beach Games
Getting together with friends to enjoy some fun in the sun is always a blast- now amp it up with good old-fashioned beach games. There’s the usual Frisbee and football route of course. Bocce ball is always a popular choice for adults as well as pro kadima; a game that can best be described as ping pong on the beach without a net, complete with two paddles and a small ball. If you have kayaks, SUP, boogie boards or floats- don’t hesitate to bring those along. Many beaches will provide rentals as well.

Safety First
We’ve touched on how important it is to keep hydrated with plenty of water, but there are other factors to consider as well when spending a day at the beach. Always have a first aid kit handy and provide sun protection for your guests in case they don’t bring supplies themselves. Sunblock– and I mean at least 30 spf, not tanning oil- is a definite must. Hats, sunglasses and sports drinks are a good idea also- just in case. Have fun but keep it responsible- we all know it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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