Things You Should Never Forget to Take to the Beach

Preparing for your next beach trip can get a little hectic at times, and we all always seem to forget to pack something. Even if it’s a basic necessity like sunscreen, it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about flight times or spending hours on the road with the kids and end up leaving something behind. Here are few items that you should take extra special care to make sure you don’t forget.

Hours of fun on the sand can definitely lead to a healthy appetite, but who wants to step away from the beach to go grab a bite? Nobody, that’s who. So remember to pack some snacks that’ll give you enough energy to keep on trucking until the sun goes down.

Whether due to massive sun exposure or from listening to screaming kids 24/7, headaches are a common issue for beach goers. It’s difficult to stay in the bright sunlight all day without it causing pain to your eyes. Always be sure to have a bottle of Aspirin (or Tylenol or whatever) on hand to fight off the migraines.

Bottles and Bags
If you’re a collector and like to bring a little slice of the beach back home with you, you’ll need convenient ways to store it. Bottles are excellent for holding sand while special mesh bags are available that will hold your seashells. Both are always a great investment.

Moisturizing Cream
You know that awful scratchy, raw feeling in certain, um – places – that you get after spending a day playing in the sand and surf? Well, there’s a way to avoid that, or at least make it less cringe worthy when you’re changing clothes. Moisturizing cream, like Moo Cream, is a necessity that’ll help soothe the sore spots that sand creates on your feet and other regions.

The best time to catch sea critters on the sand is during the night. That’s why you should always pack a flashlight with you. Crabs and turtles especially like to bask in the moonlight after hours and you’ll need a light on hand to get a good look at them as they crawl along the beach.

Lip Balm
Just as important as, but much less used, than sunscreen is good lip balm. Your lips are just as susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays as your skin, so it’s important to protect them from damage. The only thing that can kill a relaxing day on the beach is rough or bleeding lips.

Reusable Water Bottle
There’s really not a good reason to lug along a dozen bottles of water when you can just refill a reusable one. It’ll save you time, money and some sore muscles in the long run. They’re typically bigger and hold more water than a plastic bottle anyway.

Beach towels are great, but they don’t really provide enough room for picnics or cuddling with your partner. Sheets are the way to go. They’re larger, collect less dirt and are much easier to brush off for the trip back to your room.

What’s a beach trip without a few good beach games? There’s the traditional bucket and pail, of course, but today you’ll find plenty of ways to entertain yourself from beach volleyball to beach beer pong. We highly recommend the latter.

The highlight of many a beach vacation is interacting with the local wildlife. When a pod of dolphins pop up offshore you’ll want to be able to have a closer look, so remember to pack a pair of binoculars before you go.

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