5 Reasons to Add a Little Beach to Your Everyday Attire

Surf culture has been part of the mainstream for years now. While you might not want to sport your board shorts in the board room, there are plenty of places you can acceptably dress sun ‘n sand casual. Here’s why you should be adding more fun and sun to your daily wardrobe.

Surf Style Is Totally Ingrained in the Public Dress Code
Especially if you live in a coastal area, you’re never going to look too out of place in a pair of flip flops and a breezy, beachy shirt. Whether you’ve ever been on the waves or not, people love to feel like they could head out to hang ten at any moment. Even if you roll your eyes to see non-surfers mimicking these sartorial preferences, you’ve got to admit, it’s nice to know your style is socially acceptable in most settings.

There are Tons of Stylish Options
It’s easy to look nice and put together in your coastal chic threads. As long as the quality and cut of your clothes is solid, you can always stay true to your sandy roots, even when out on the town. If you don’t want to go all out, just add a few accessories (shell necklaces or a great hat, for example) to let everyone know that even out on the streets, your heart is really at the beach.

It’s Downright Comfortable
We’re all busy. We’ve got to live in clothes that let us move at the speed of life. Adopting a beachy style lets you stay comfortable without sacrificing style. Think of it this way: you can hit the grocery store in your active wear and running shoes, or you can slip on a sundress and some cute sandals. Both ways are comfortable, but opting for your beach attire lets you maintain your personal, unique flair.

Dress How You Want to Feel to Lift Your Spirits
They say to dress for the job you want. Don’t we all want the job that lets us be out in the fresh air with the taste of salt spray on the wind? Whenever you can get away with it, adding some shoreline style to your outfit reminds you what’s really important in life, and where you would be all the time if you could. Fashion should be fun and make you feel your best.

You’ll Be Ready for the Beach Any Time, Anywhere
Some days, you just need an impromptu surf session or a seaside stroll. When life gets hectic, you have an escape route. When you’re already beach ready, you just jump on the road and go.