6 Signs That Summer Is Here

summerSunday, June 21 marks the first official day of summer.

But just as winter usually seems to arrive way before December 21, the first signs of summer often creep into sight months before the equinox. If you’ve noticed that things are feeling a little summery where you are, there’s a very good chance that the unofficial start of summer is just around the corner.

Here are 6 signs to look out for that signal the arrival of the best season of all!

The Windows Are Open
If the first thing you do when you start the car is roll down the windows, there’s a good chance that summer is here. The same applies to when you crack the windows at home. When cold winds are replaced with warm breezes, it’s safe to say that it’s summertime.

You’ve Been Invited to a BBQ
Grill season happens to coincide with summer, so if you’re juggling a burger while trying to manage a lawn game of sorts, there’s a good chance you’re officially into summer. Further evidence: it takes forever for the sun to set, and when it finally does, you don’t even feel all that cold.

Your Winter Jacket Is in Storage
The weekend you commit to officially packing away your winter clothes and gear marks the change of seasons. By storing your winter stuff, you’re acknowledging that you won’t need those chunky sweaters and warm boots for another six months (or, hopefully, more). You’re ready for a simpler, lighter wardrobe: in other words, you’re ready for summer.

You’re Drinking a Beer on a Patio
When the server asks if you’d rather sit inside or out and your group unanimously decides that the patio is the way to go, it’s a sure sign that summer has arrived. As you sip a cold beer basking in the sun, relish in the thought that this is only the first patio session of many. It’s going to be a long, glorious season.

You’re Wearing Flip Flops
On the one hand, there are those days where the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and it certainly looks warm enough to bust out the flip flops—but as soon as you step outside in your sandals, you realize that it’s not as hot out as you thought. That is not flip flop weather.

On the other hand, there are those days where you slip on a pair of flip flops and head out the door, feeling great about your new summer pedicure and the distinct slapping sound of your shoes against the pavement. Yep, that’s flip flop weather—and if it’s flip flop weather, it’s summer.

Your Cravings Have Switched Over
Quick: if you were to stop for a quick bite right now, what would you order? If you’re craving a cappuccino and a slice of pie, you’re probably not quite into summer yet. But if thoughts of iced coffees and cups of gelato are filling your mind, then congratulations: you’ve officially switched over into summer. Find yourself an ice cold lemonade, peel back the packaging on a popsicle, and enjoy the wondrous season ahead!

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