6 Ways An Area Rug Can Spruce Up Your Space

panama jack area rugSome people are turned off by the idea of buying an area rug because they’re not exactly sure how they can make it work in any given space. Area rugs can be utilized in just about any room (well, maybe except the kitchen and bathroom) and can definitely make your décor more exciting. Here are some ideas for adding one to your home.

As an Art Piece
Area rugs don’t actually have to lie on the floor. Do you have a bare wall in the house that could use a little color? Go ahead and hang a rug there. It’ll cover a lot of space and brighten up the mood. Or, you could go the opposite route if you’re going for a more somber look and hang a rug that’ll darken things up a bit.

To Add Color
Are you finding that your living room is looking a little monotone in appearance? A brightly colored area rug can add a giant splash of color in the middle of the floor to offset the plain façade. It’ll draw your attention to the main area of the room and be the center of attention, which could be a wonderful conversation starter if you choose the right piece.

Rugs Create Uniformity
Some homeowners find that after adding furniture and art to a room the colors don’t always seem to match. An area rug is a great way to fix this. Find one that combines the colors that aren’t exactly balancing to make a more cohesive appearance throughout. It’ll blend the four corners of the room together into a smoother transition.

They Buffer Noise
Do you have an obscenely obnoxious teenager in the room below you who loves to blast his music too loud? Put a rug down to help block out the noise. Because most of them are thick they help create a buffer between you and the room below or above. This way they’ll not only improve the appearance of the room but also provide a functional purpose too.

To Cover Ugly Floors
If you find yourself moving into a fixer-upper but don’t have the money to replace unsightly blemishes on the old wood floors, an area rug can be a quick and beautiful way to cover them up. Find the problem areas in your home and buy a couple of rugs to toss over them. You’ll improve the appearance of your home and might it slightly more comfortable to walk in at the same time.

They Add Comfort
Like we said, adding an area rug to your home increases the comfort for you and your guests. Would you rather rest your feet on wood and stone or soft, supple cotton or wool? They can also provide a great place to sit if you have too many friends over and run out of furniture. For this reason, always make sure to buy high quality rugs. Synthetic or natural doesn’t really matter, just go with what feels good and blends well with your existing décor.


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