6 Ways to Fake Christmas at the Beach

fake christmas beachI’ve always wanted to spend Christmas at the beach but things always get in the way. Things like, you know, family, kids, presents and traditions. Darn those things. I still want to go but since we can’t get away, maybe we can bring the beach to us this year.

Crank it Up
I don’t know what it’s like at your place but where I’m sitting, it’s about ten degrees outside and brutally blistery and miserable. The only way to get into the spirit of the beach here is to crank that furnace up big time. It really makes it hard to pretend you’re at the beach when wearing long pants, long sleeved shirts, sweaters, slippers, and socks. With the heat cranked I’m starting to feel the beach vibe I so desire.

Get Comfy
Now that the house is getting toasty, get out of those long sweat pants and throw on some board shorts and get comfy. Your legs might be white as the porcelain in your tub but at least they are exposed to air and out for all to see. Get the ladies in board shorts as well and you won’t look so out of place.

Get Oiled Up
Sure you’re not lying in the sun, but if you were, you’d be smelling the suntan oil. One thing I do to remind me of the beach, and yes, my wife says I’m an idiot, is smear on the suntan oil just for the smell. Now, I don’t expect you to be as hard-core as me, heck, no one is, but just in case you are, check out all the Panama Jack Suncare oil you can use. If you have a sunlamp you can really justify the oils but if not, just tell them I said it was okay.

Gotta Have the Look
You can’t walk a beach without sunglasses, so you can’t pretend to without them either. PJ Sunglasses will have you not only styling as you should but will help with the mood as well. Even if you don’t have a sunlamp to tan under, you can always light up the room, by turning on every overhead light or lamp you own. Break out your inner Tom Cruise and if nothing else you’ll look great—and that’s what’s important, right?

Gotta Have the Art
Ambiance is very important to setting the mood. Hanging some Red Coral or Tropical Foliage wall art will get everyone feeling the vibe. If that doesn’t work try hanging some seashells or palm tree art. Not only does it look good on the wall but there is no mess to clean up from fallen palms or broken shells. Add in the fact that this stuff stays up all year and you never really lose the beach vibe at all.

Gotta Have the Bike
It may be cold out, but if there is no snow, you can always pretend you’re cruising the Malecon on a Beach Cruiser. Okay, you may have to pretend you’re really riding on the Malecon, maybe in Cuba or Mexico but you don’t have to pretend about the bike. Panama Jack’s Beach Cruisers are bikes specifically and stylishly set up for beach cruising. With a basket for your gear and a bottle opener for your beer, what better way to cruise the streets or, should we say the beach, in your own neighborhood this Christmas?


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