7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Spaces

Spring cleaning season is officially upon us!

Let this be your official reminder that a seasonal scrub shouldn’t be limited to your indoor spaces. As the days get longer and the weather gets nicer, you’ll be spending more and more time enjoying your outdoor spaces—so it only makes sense that they get a little TLC, too.

Here are a few things to take care of as you get ready for the glorious summer ahead.

Organize Your Shed
If you dread opening your shed for the mess of tools and equipment that lies within it, then it’s time to get organized. Devote an afternoon (or however long it takes, depending on the mess) to clearing everything out, cleaning the space, and organizing your equipment. Get rid of items that are broken beyond repair, and compartmentalize your stuff so that it’s easy to find. An organized shed will help you maintain the rest of your outdoor spaces, so start here.

Clean and Prep Your Garden
Pick a sunny weekend and proclaim it as your official “get the garden ready for summer” weekend. Hopefully you’ve winterized your garden: now is the time to getting prepping and planting. Create a plan for your space, factoring in the amount of sun the space gets and the timing that the plants will bloom. Then it’s time to get down and dirty, putting your green thumb to work.

Upgrade Your Space
Make your outdoor spaces even more enjoyable by upgrading old, tattered lawn furniture with new functional pieces (psst: Panama Jack’s outdoor furniture is the perfect place to start). Give your family even more reasons to spend time outside by installing an outdoor fire pit.

Clean Windows and Doors
Scrub windows, door, and screens from the inside and the outside. It’s much easier to enjoy your outdoor spaces when the exterior of your home is in tip top shape, and these elements are often forgotten.

Clean and Seal the Deck
Depending on the material of your deck, give it a good mop or borrow a power washer to get it spic and span. Make any necessary repairs, then coat it with a fresh lick of sealant so that it’s ready for plenty of use over the next few months. This is also a good time to look into whether your stairs and railings need to be fixed or replaced.

Maintain the Yard
The yard is part of the outdoor space package, so don’t leave it behind! Clear any debris that might have accumulated over the winter, and sod any patches that are looking a little bare. Now is also the time to get back into the lawn mowing routine.

Alternatively, you might want to look into adding other landscaping options that require less maintenance than grass, giving your even more time to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Clean the ‘Cue
Your barbecue has a lot of burgers to cook over the coming months, so make sure it’s ready to go! Give it a solid cleaning and ensure that your propane tank is full (if it is, indeed, a propane barbecue) and that your grilling tools are ready to go.


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