8 Masculine Home Decor Ideas



Refined but detailed. Luxurious but simple. That’s the idea behind the masculine-inspired home décor trend that’s taking the design world by storm.

Think beyond frat houses and bachelor pads: masculine design is about incorporating functional details, often using textures and colors that are inspired by nature. Aesthetics are important, but so is practicality—so don’t expect to see piles of decorative throw pillows here.

Here are a few ways to incorporate masculine home décor into your own space.

Keep Lines Solid
Stick to solid, geometric shapes to achieve a decidedly masculine feel. Boxy furniture is not a bad thing here, as long as furniture is kept to scale. You can even incorporate lines into artwork and patterns: a pinstriped couch or duvet cover will look impeccable.

Incorporate Wood
Traditional masculine décor involves dark, rich woods—think cigar rooms and old-school lounges. Wood is still a top pick for achieving a manly vibe, but don’t feel like you have to use dark woods. Lighter woods can make a room feel brighter and more open, and look just as sharp.

Let Simple Reign Supreme
Clutter and excess have no place in a masculine room. Considering editing your space: walk around and ask yourself what function each piece serves.

Note that decorative pieces can serve a function of their own, but try to keep these pieces to a minimum: each decorative item should contribute something significant to the room’s aesthetic. For example, opt for one big piece of statement art versus several smaller frames.

Think Neutral
Focus on a relatively neutral color palette to keep the space looking cohesive. Turn to nature for inspiration: brown, black, white, and tan are foolproof picks. To keep the room from looking too blah, use metallic accents to add a little sheen.

Symmetrical Style
Masculine décor should look solid and balanced. To achieve this, aim for a symmetrical look. That is, one half of the room should more or less be a reflection of the other half. If you have an end table on one side of the couch, place a matching one on the other side.

Look to Leather
Leather upholstery is a definite must for a masculine space. Faux leather alternatives can be just as effective. Look for textured leather and use suede to add different textures throughout, or pick up a sheepskin rug or throw for a similar effect.

Green is Good
It might be tough to incorporate a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers without making a room feel overly feminine, but having plants can make a room feel brighter and cleaner. You can do this by adding all-green houseplants to the mix, which—as a bonus—typically last longer and are easier to keep alive.

Finding Themes
If you like to decorate around themes, there are plenty to pick from that have a masculine feel. For instance, you don’t have to be a hunter to appreciate a room with animal influences. Another theme is to decorate around past decors: vintage travel touches, like old maps or a globe, add a nice touch. You can keep your theme simple, too: why not seek inspiration from your favorite suit? Clean lines, quality fabrics, and functional design—a well-made suit has a lot in common with a well-decorated room.

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