8 Of The World’s Creepiest Sea Creatures

There are over one million known species swimming below the ocean’s depths and some scientists believe there might be closer to nine million yet to be discovered. While most of them are harmless and kind of cute, some of them are downright scary.

Here are a few sea creatures that are exactly the stuff nightmares are made of.

Gulper Eel
While most eels have mouths too small to make them a real threat to humans, this guy compensates by being able to just swallow you whole. Okay, maybe not if you’re a full grown adult, but babies and toddlers better watch out!

The gulper eel has a loose jaw that extends excessively wide to engulf his prey; the mouth is actually bigger than the rest of his lithe body. He lures you in by giving off a soft pink glow and lies in wait while you swim right into that gaping hole.


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