Add Some Warmth to Your Sunroom

Depending on where you live, the cooler temperatures may not be the most ideal right now for some outdoor living. With just a couple of tweaks, you can ready your room for cold-weather warmth while enjoying the ambiance.

The secret to embracing outdoor living during cooler months is to create something of an indoor space outside. One of the finest places to enjoy the fresh air and soothing sights of nature while also having the comforts of indoors is a patio area, or maybe even a screened-in sunroom that’s screened in.

Whatever room you are planning for winter use, hanging lights can add warmth and add some accents to your existing sunroom furniture décor. It's better to have warm-toned lamps, as they can give off a cozier and warmer glow. Café string lights, seasonal accent lights to add color and dimension, as well as LED lights with a twinkling effect nestled within nearby bushes or trees are some of the most effective alternatives. Heat lamps may be a little pricier, but they can keep the room warm when the temperatures plummet.

To help the room feel more welcoming, the correct furniture, lighting, and other adornments will go a long way. Consider area rugs, for example. Warm colors like red, green, bronze, or purple can help the room feel even cozier that, in turn, may make you feel warmer Get a pair of big, soft blankets out, and you're ready to enjoy!

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