Adding a Touch of Summer to Your Winter Decor

Driftwood Bedroom SceneWinter is the perfect time to hunker down and get cozy, but as the cold months drag on and cabin fever sets in, adding a few summery accents to your home décor can help you to maintain sanity. Fortunately, you can use a few simple strategies to bring a little sunshine in even in the most frigid conditions.

Opt for a Warm, Breezy Palette
A calming, airy color scheme goes a long way toward creating an inviting space. A mix of light blues evokes the ocean. A spread of soft yellows mimics warm, buttery sunshine. Sage green soothes the eye and recalls the plant life so absent from many winter landscapes.

Because you still want your home to feel cozy during the cold months, you can easy swap in textiles like faux fur or thick wool to create a layered look.

Know that Substantial, Quality Furnishings Can Still Feel Natural
Anchoring your home with some well-crafted furniture is important year-round. But heavily lacquered or obviously synthetic pieces do little to ward off the chill.

Instead, look for collections that incorporate a mix of beautiful woods and sophisticated-yet-relaxed finishes. Hint: Panama Jack has you covered.

Use Natural Beach Treasures in Unexpected Ways
Bringing the outdoors in always helps to liven up a stale, chilly interior. Display shells and unique driftwood collected during your seaside adventures. Use beach sand in candle holders to evoke beach bonfires. If you enjoy crafting, the world is your oyster—there are plenty of unique ideas for every skill level.

For a really dramatic effect, you might want to incorporate coastal materials into the architectural details of your home.

Bust Out the Summer Vacay Photos
If the picture outside your window is dull and dark, display your warmest, most sunshiny summertime images. The action shot from your midsummer beach vacation, the panoramic of a sparkling summer sea, the picture of your kids building sandcastles…all these and more are perfect for bringing vitality to your home. If you aren’t a fine art photographer, no worries. Add some decorative wall art with a beachy vibe for the same effect.

Open the Window
When it’s freezing outside, it’s tempting to crank the heater and seal the windows tight, but a breath of fresh air is invigorating and healthful. When the mercury rises enough to tolerate it, do some daily airing out. If it’s too cold to throw open the windows, bundle up and get outside yourself for at least a few minutes. You’ll feel sharper and less sluggish in no time.

Don’t Forget the Fridge
It’s not technically decoration, but we all know that holiday and cold weather food can leave you feeling sluggish. It’s awesome if your kitchen is filled with thick casseroles and comforting stews, but don’t neglect your fruits and veggies. No excuses for those whose local produce seems nonexistent during the winter: frozen options are readily available and also nutritious. And there’s no better way to brighten your spirits than to eat the rainbow.


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