Beach Presents on Our Christmas Shopping List

christmas listThey say “life is a beach”, so why not live it that way? Besides, why deal with the crowds and the mall when you can get everything either for or about the beach right from home? Here are some Christmas gift-giving ideas, whether they may be for your friends, relatives, or maybe even yourself.

Two Wheeling for the Holidays
Bikes never go out of style and cruisers are big right now. Panama Jack offers two Beach Cruisers which suit everyone. The Kallua Women’s Beach Cruiser and the Men’s Oceanside cruiser are both so much fun they come with an attached bottle opener. If you are the impatient type you’re in luck; these are available at Walmart today. Though made for the beach, these will rock your neighborhood just as well.

Our Hats Off to You
If you have hats on your list, the Panama Jack hats page is the place to click. There are hats for every occasion with Men’s cloth, canvas, and straw hats; plus caps galore with styles ranging from Safaris to Fedoras and visors too numerous to mention here. Women are covered as well with straw, cloth, and ribbon styles of all types. The kids are not left out as PJ offers up flap caps and bucket hats along with straw Fedoras to teach them styling early.

Oh Can You See?
It may be winter, but that sun reflecting off the snow is blinding. Eye protection is just as important at home on the snow as it is at the beach. Wayfarers, Aviators, or Sport-wraps: it doesn’t matter what your style, if you’re looking for men’s sunglasses, you can find them at a great deal right here. Panama Jack also offers 34 different styles and shades for the ladies with prices so low you won’t even believe me without clicking here. Of course the kids are covered as well along with the floating cords every kid should be required to wear with their shades.

Home is Where the Beach Is
Of course we all know Panama Jack is famous for beach wear and accessories but if you really want to bring the beach home, you need to find out about all the home furnishings they offer. Your Christmas shopping can be pretty much completed for yourself or everyone else just by clicking on their Home furnishings page. Here you will find a wide array of area rugs and bedding, along with a wide assortment of indoor furniture along with patio and outdoor furniture. Sunroom furnishings and even upholstered furniture is all available on this site and just a click away.

Art for Art’s Sake
Want to add that beach theme to your walls? Or, maybe, you just know someone who needs a little tropical style wall décor added to their abode for Christmas. Panama Jack has prints on burlap, under glass, framed and matted or printed on aluminum. Make your beach motif pop with the perfect picture or print to complete that beach style you desire.

You Wear it Well
Where would this list be if we didn’t mention all the great clothing options available at With over seventy entries just for Man’s board shorts alone, you can shop for everyone here. Of course the women need more variety so with over one hundred styles to choose from; surely you’ll something for everyone. T-shirts abound with long-sleeve V-necks for the girls and short or long sleeves for the guys. Add in sandals for the women to wear on the beach or at home and I thing PJ has your Christmas shopping covered.


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