Beyond the Beach: 10 Other Uses for Your Favorite Beach Tote

A beach tote is hardly a typical tote bag. While tote bags can feel utilitarian and all about getting the job done, a beach bag can elevate everyday errands and other tasks. Don’t we all just want even our usual routines to feel a touch extra special about now? 

Instead of saving your beach totes only for beach or pool days, put these multifunctional bags to good use every day of the year. 

Here are 10 our favorite uses for beach bags. 

Use it to haul groceries. So what if you swap sunscreen for spinach and your beach hat for bagels? Bringing your beach bag grocery shopping with you adds a little zest to a necessary errand, and limits your use of single-use plastic bags. Another benefit: Beach bags can be easily washed after any accidental spills or leaky packages. 

Make it your daily carry. Everyone loves a seasonable handbag, and a crossbody beach tote like this one is just as at home on the beach as it is bringing carefree style to city streets. Its size accommodates your wallet, keys, a lip balm or two, and even a small water bottle. 

Take it to the office. No boring black leather briefcases here. When you camouflage your laptop within a beach bag it can (almost) make a day at the office feel like a vacation is on the horizon. Plus, it will prove to your office mates that, yes, you have a lively existence outside of work. 

Haul it to the gym. An extra large beach tote can handily stow all your gym stuff: workout clothes, bluetooth headphones, deodorant, gym pass, and anything else you can throw in it. After a hard workout, the bag wipes down easily. 

Do diaper duty. Babies come with the need to carry a ton of stuff. A beach bag has room for all of it: diapers, bottles, sippy cups, snacks, wipes, an extra outfit or two (you know why), a hat, toys—you name it, it fits, and you’ll always have exactly what you need for the big messes that our little people make. 

Take it on a picnic. Pile the picnic provisions and supplies into a colorful beach tote bag instead of the typical clunky picnic basket. It’s easier to carry and hang from your shoulder as you get situated in your perfect picnic spot.

Present it as a gift bag. People of any age will love to receive a gift tucked inside a vibrant beach tote. Ditch the paper gift wrapping for something the gift recipient can hold onto and reuse, and that will make any day feel more like a party. 

Carry it as a travel bag. A beach tote makes the perfect size carry-on bag, fitting neatly underneath the airplane seat in front of you. Or fold it up and pack it in a larger suitcase, so you have a bag for transporting souvenirs home. Beach totes also travel well in the car if you’re taking a road trip. 

Get crafty with it. Your beach bag can also double as a craft bag: stuff it with all kinds of supplies, from paper to yarn to stickers, so when the occasion strikes, you’ll know just where to find everything. 

Store stuff in it. When you’re not using it at the beach, you can still display it and use it as a stylish storage receptacle. Hang the bag on a hook and fill it with seasonal clothing, kitchen items, toiletries, or other possessions for which you don’t have a good home. 

Bring sunny style to everyday errands and routines with a Panama Jack beach tote. Find your favorite styles and stock up today.