Bringing Tranquility to Your Small Space


Life’s a beach.

To truly embrace this philosophy, you’ll need to begin at home.

Our living spaces directly feed our souls. For smaller-space dwellers, making every inch count while maintaining a tranquil, breezy style is top priority. Whether you’re residing in a studio apartment, a condo, or even a funky seaside shack (lucky you!), you can achieve maximum style in minuscule spaces. Here’s how.

Functionality is Key
Having a cozier square footage gives you an eye for quality pieces that best serve your needs while also making a statement. Panama Jack collections feature stylish, space-conscious pieces that make the most of your home’s layout. Designed with key features such as French and English dovetailed drawer boxes and clean, modern hardware, each piece is both graceful and functional.

Texture Provides Depth
You don’t need huge, over-the-top or overly fanciful furniture to cultivate an impactful design. Instead, small-home dwellers can create an oasis simply by choosing pieces with clean, inviting details. Perhaps a woven headboard to introduce visual as well as tactile interest. Or check out the rustic warmth of the Millbrook Collection, with its organic grains and antiqued cream finish. The more depth and organic texture in a piece, the more it will add richness and style to your digs.

Timelessly Refreshing Design Relaxes the Eye
Small spaces become claustrophobic when the eye has nowhere to rest. Choosing pieces with clean lines and an inviting sensibility does wonders for the overall presentation of your home. Aim for soulful, never gimmicky. And thankfully, you can’t go wrong with Panama Jack. Invite the sea spray and redwoods of California’s Central Coast with the Big Sur Collection. Or let the Driftwood Collection carry you along on a tide of easy comfort.

Less is More
A well-curated home depends on quality over quantity. When you select pieces that you love, you don’t have to cram your limited space with clutter. Substantial, beautifully detailed furniture ensures that you get the most out of your space. When thought, care, and planning goes into the process of designing your home, the end result becomes your own personal escape from the hectic world outside.

Go Ahead and Brighten Things Up
Having a bold color scheme might seem counterintuitive when styling a small space, but in truth, as long as you maintain a well-coordinated pallete, you can absolutely invite the good cheer of warm color into your home. For a primer on successfully going bright, check out the Colors Collection.

Follow Your Instincts
Wherever we live in the world, we’re all drawn to the rhythm of a simpler life. Whether up in the mountains sitting by the fire or hanging out on the coast, watching the last of the summer boats being docked for the season, we long to reconnect, to unplug, and to create our own oasis. If you plan your home with this simple tenant in mind, you just can’t go wrong.


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