Escaping Any Time of the Year With Panama Jack Furniture

Some pieces of furniture have magical powers. Just hear us out: if you’ve ever seen a kid overflowing with pride spending his or her first night in a “big kid bed”, or you’ve ever sat in your grandfather’s favorite rocking chair and been flooded with memories long ago buried, then you know what we mean.

We happen to believe that Panama Jack’s furniture has magical powers, too. It has the unique ability to transport you to another place far, far away—to a place that’s warm, breezy, and smells like saltwater and coconut oil. Here’s how you can escape with Panama Jack any time of year.

Escape to…Coronado, CaliforniaIf you find yourself fantasizing about dozing off in a lounge chair at a beach side resort, tropical drink in hand, then we think you’ll like our Coronado collection.

The furniture pieces in this collection are the perfect combination of clean, simple, and luxurious—just like you’d want if you were staying in an ocean side hotel. The little touches, like the rattan woven basket accents and the rustic metal hardware, are so distinctly Coronado that you’ll almost forget about the fact that your car is buried under two feet of snow…

Escape to…Key Biscayne, FloridaIf you’re dreaming of escaping to somewhere where the palms sway and the water is the clearest turquoise you could ever imagine, then you need to check out our Key Biscayne collection.

When you hit the hay, the last thing you’ll see is the dark woven wooden headboard – which just might send you into a dreamland where you’re sitting on a woven beach chair in this pleasant Florida island town… sweet dreams!

Escape to…Havana, CubaIf you long for sultry Havana nights full of passion, culture, and history, then it’s time to take a look at the Old Havana collection.

Rich cherry and mahogany wood bring a romantic vibe to any room (insert salsa music for full effect). Delicate touches like slight distressing and worm holing add a little patina to the pieces in this collection, suggesting the presence of a little mystery and history. If you like furniture that tells a story—a hot, tropical story, no less—then the Old Havana collection is for you.

Escape to…the CottageIf you’re daydreaming about escaping to a shabby-chic ocean-side cottage, look no further than the Millbrook collection. Think white, think distressed, think burying your feet into the sand… sorry, we’re getting sidetracked.

The clean lines and weathered look of the pieces in the Millbrook collection are perfect for infusing your home with a little bit of quaint seaside flavor. You can finish the look with sea glass-inspired pastels, or you can opt for a preppy, nautical look… decisions, decisions!

Escape to…Anywhere But HereIf all you want is a one-way ticket to a sunny oasis, don’t fret: we’ve got you covered with our Island Breeze collection. Picture bonfires on the beach, lush tropical gardens, and not a worry in the world. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The Island Breeze collection calls on materials like rattan, bamboo, leather, cherry, and mahogany to channel the distinct feeling of an island retreat. This collection has a casual vibe, but upon close inspection, you’ll realize that no detail has been overlooked. It’s kind of like the perfect getaway: relaxed, but seamless.

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