Fall Beach Vacations are the Best

fall beach

Now, don’t get me wrong, any time is a great time for a beach vacation. It’s just that the fall seems to have so much more going for it.

The Weather is Delightful
While you are expecting heat and humidity at the beach, for those of us from cooler and dryer climes, enough is enough. June, July, and August are hot and sticky; I know this because I have been hot and sticky in the Caribbean during all three months. I always have a good time whenever I go, but in the fall months the temps go down slightly and the humidity drops considerably. It’s great to be able to cool off with a dip—in the pool or ocean—but when I’m just as wet in the elevator, it can be a bit much.

No Kidding Around
Now, I love kids as much as the next guy. That is, if the next guy is a cranky old man who yells, “Get off my lawn.” I must admit, usually kids are no problem on the beach; there’s plenty of room for everyone. Any problems you may have with kids is virtually non-existent in the fall. Most responsible parents have their kids in school by the fall. Of course, there are the ones who take their kids out at any time just for their own vacationing enjoyment—and yes I did it all the time. I would like to think my kids were always well behaved, but I unfortunately can’t.

Are You a People Person?
I always say I am a people person as long as I don’t have to actually deal with any of them. In the fall the crowds are much thinner than they will be soon in the winter, and that’s just fine with me. Reservations are rarely required for dinner, beach chairs are readily available, and did I mention there are less people to deal with? You won’t have to wait for or reserve that catamaran, kayak, or SUP board and if you want to book an excursion, take your pick; they’ll be happy to have you.

The Price is Right
Not only is the fall a slow season which results in lower prices, it is also the tail end of hurricane season. Prices are always lower this time of year because you’re taking a chance on the weather. Not really much of a chance though and there is always trip insurance if you have the jitters about hurricanes. Of course, by buying expensive trip insurance you sort of are defeating the purpose of trying to save money. It’s really not that big of a gamble as some folks think as hurricanes are rare and the odds of it hitting your beach during your week are pretty long in your favor.

A Few Tips
A quick search on ResortVacationsToGo.com, which is an excellent value site, will show you the type of deals available. I pulled one up for a 7-night stay for two at the Paradisus in Cancun, the first week of November with roundtrip airfare from Denver and, most importantly, all-inclusive which means all transfers, your room, all food and drinks plus that kayak or catamaran rental included for around $1100 per person. The Paradisus in Cancun is a massive resort with excellent dining and service, and this is the same price I paid 2 years ago. Another indication on deals is that I just received an email from Orbitz offering 50% off all fall trips to Mexico if booked through them. The Dominican Republic and Mexico are especially aggressive in offering discounts to travelers from the states during the fall season.

Get Prepared for Winter
Some of us know we will be literally knee-deep in snow soon. Why not go warm those bones up a little before the real snow flies? Not only will you save a few bucks but you may find a new season for your travels as well.

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