Get That Beach-Life Vibe at Home

coronado-1200x400You could spread a truck load of sand around your living room and drop a small fortune installing a wave pool where your shower used to be. There’s probably a special building permit you could get to add a dolphin habitat to your backyard pool. Palm trees don’t grow everywhere, but with the right green house, you can make it happen, right? There has to be an easier way.

In case you were wondering, there is.

A fresh coat of paint will bring new life to any room. If you’re wanting to go for a beachy feel, try using natural, muted colors like sandy tans and washed-out, wooden greys and browns as a base. Look to the beach itself—sand, seashells, and driftwood—for inspiration.

Then, look to the ocean. Bright blues and greens are great for accent walls. Coral pinks and bright yellows like those found on fish scales are great for little pops of color around the room.

If you have a favorite summertime destination, great memories from a beachside cabana, or even a destination anchoring your bucket list, there’s nothing wrong with pulling out photos to serve as inspiration and a color guide for your own creativity.

Whether your dream beach is on Coronado, deep in the Keys, or just a few minutes’ walk from Havana, you can find furniture that brings your fond memories into everyday life.

Panama Jack’s furniture collections were inspired by the best of each location’s colors, shapes, materials, and style. The Old Havana Collection mixes dark woods and a rich, multicultural design tradition while the Coronado Collection is simple and comfortably livable with light woods, clean lines, and beautiful accents. Regardless of where your creativity may take your home, you can find the right furniture in one of Panama Jack’s eight collections or mix and match to transport yourself from one perfect destination to another as you move room to room.


You probably have a few seashells and a shark’s tooth or two knocking around in a souvenir box somewhere but that’s not really the place to start. Head to your local greenhouse and pick up a few tropical plants. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, most tropical plants are fairly hearty so you should be able to follow the directions on the tag and add a live piece or two to your décor.

Once those are settled in, look for prints or, even better, a few original paintings to hang on the walls. Mix them with framed photos from your last trip to the beach. Then, if you must, put that souvenir bottle of sand up on the mantle with a couple seashells.

That’s the easy way but, if you insist on getting the dolphin habitat and wave pool installed, let me know so I can come for a visit.


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