Give the Best Gift Ever: a Panama Jack Beach Cruiser!

Who are you trying to “wow” this holiday season? You know what we mean—that person on your list whose mind you totally want to blow this winter. The one person who deserves to be completely spoiled by Santa on Christmas morning.

We just so happen to have the Unofficial Best Gift Ever for 2014: the Panama Jack Beach Cruiser. What makes this gift better than all the rest? Well, we’re glad you asked.

It’s Useful
Take our word for it: your loved one really doesn’t want another novelty key chain this year. A cruiser bike is a gift that will actually get used. Whether biking through parks, along trails, or to the beach, the recipient of the Best Gift Ever will enjoy getting a little fresh air and vitamin D every time they use the bike – and they’ll have you to thank.

Two Words: Bottle Opener
The Panama Jack Beach Cruiser is not your average beach cruiser. Case in point: it has a built in bottle opener. Attach a basket, and voila: you’ve got the ingredients for a perfect picnic. There’s also a slick looking beverage holder and bag that attaches to the front, which is perfect for storing keys, a phone, and something to quench that insatiable thirst.

Ride in Style
Panama Jack’s beach cruisers are so stylish, they’re practically an extension of your outfit. All four models offer classic looking wood inserts and a retro design—but they incorporate decidedly modern technology. They come in a variety of vintage-inspired colors and are anything but plain.

There Is Something for Everyone
There are four different cruisers to choose from. For the women in your life, choose between the Mauna Loa or the Bimini. For the men, take your pick of the Big Sur or the Lido. Options are always a good thing.

Every Day is a Beach Day
Even if he or she doesn’t live by the beach, a Panama Jack beach cruiser will make your loved one feel like they’re on holiday every day. It’s hard to pedal one of these around and not be totally charmed.

Stellar Design
The Panama Jack beach cruiser packs a double punch: not only is it easy on the eyes, but it’s also easy on the body. The extra-wide seat promises for a comfortable ride, and the pedals are super easy to maneuver. There’s no doubt about it: it’s a lot of fun to ride.

Easy Assembly
If you’ve ever wanted to tear your hair out after hours spent assembling a gift, then you know how important it is for a gift to be easy to put together. You’ll have no problem getting the Panama Jack beach cruiser assembled and parked in its place under the Christmas tree.

Turn Heads
Whether your loved one is biking across campus or to a beach-side barbecue, we can guarantee that they’ll turn more than a few heads on a Panama Jack beach cruiser. The vintage look is so unique that it’s hard not to notice.

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