Great Gifts for Beach Lovers

While the days of lounging on the shore may be long gone for the year (unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to be living in a land of eternal sun), there’s no need to abandon all things beachy just because the mercury has dropped. Treat the beach lover in your life to some extra special gifts with a little help from our indispensable gift guide. From fragrances that will invoke memories of sun-drenched afternoons to ways to donate to ensure seashore preservation, we have you covered this holiday season.
Seaside Jewellery
Not a lot of people will turn down the gift of jewellery, especially when it bears the image of something related to the sea. Whether you’re planning on blowing the bank or just want to give a friend a little something, there are perfect pieces to suit every mood and budget. Scour local craft fairs or online marketplaces for one-of-a-kind items like pendants crafted from sea glass, ocean-themed pendants, or pieces that incorporate beach-themed color schemes. If all else fails, remember that pearls come from the sea and are usually a very welcome addition to any jewellery box.

Beach Gear
While summer may be a few months off, it’s always nice to be reminded that it’ll soon be back with a few pieces of gear meant to take on your next ocean excursion. Think luxe picnic baskets packed with all the necessities, plush beach towels to replace the threadbare ones from last year, a folding chair with all the bells and whistles, or a few games that can be played on the sand.

Spa Treatments
Swimsuit season has come and gone but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a little pampering. From sea salt scrubs to seaweed masks, the ocean plays a pretty big role in today’s most indulgent spa services. Track down the coordinates of a spot that offers treatments that are reminiscent of the sea or head to your local beauty supply shop to stock up on supplies to make your own basket. Either way, the recipient will be delighted and extremely well-prepared for this first warm days.


Sun Care
It’s never too early to think about protecting your skin against the sun and what better way to ensure that your loved ones stay safe than by offering them an amazing array of products in preparation for the warmer days ahead? To create the ultimate sun care supply kit, pick up a beach-ready basket (woven sea grass is perfect) or a large pail that can be re-purposed as a sandcastle tool. Fill it with things like sunscreen, lip balm, after-sun treatments, hats, and sunglasses. Top it off with a bow (and maybe a pair of flip flops) and you’ve just secured your spot as the best gift-giver ever.

Summer Scents
Nothing invokes memory of warm, salty breezes and the sun against your skin like a summery fragrance. Luckily, perfume and scent manufacturers are wise to the power of the scent of the sea and as a result, it’s easy to find a fragrance to suit just about everyone. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, head to a specialty store where you’re guaranteed to find the best selection. Look for notes of sandalwood, musk, citrus, jasmine, and coconut. Another option is to head to your favorite health food shop and pick up a blend of essential oils. Customize your own or look for a pre-mixed concoction that reminds you of a fruity cocktail, the smell of the ocean, or anything else that conjures up images of summer bliss.

Home Decor
Who doesn’t want to infuse a little vacation-time cheer into their home during the winter? The months can seem so long and dark that even the smallest touches can make a huge difference. While it can be tricky to give people statement pieces (home decor is so personal), an awesome decorative touch usually fits the bill, adding some cheer to a room regardless of it’s style. A summery throw pillow or pouf ottoman is a great way to give someone you love a taste of the beach year round. Just don’t be surprised if everyone suddenly starts craving margaritas.

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