How to Make Your Home Feel Like Summer Year-Round

We may be well into the colder months of the year now, but that doesn’t mean the feeling of summer has to be a thing of the past. 

Even as temps cool significantly and the sun dips below the horizon much earlier in the day, there are plenty of ways to bring warm-weather vibes into your space. Here are some of our favorites. 

#1 Add some greenery

When the outside world — including your flower beds – seems like the frozen tundra, there’s nothing like amping up the green indoors to bring a bright and cheery mood. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a great plant parent, there are plenty of forgiving options that need little water and minimal attention. 

If you have a sunny windowsill, try succulents, cactus, or fresh herbs. Indoor tropical plants are another good option for making your home feel like you’re always on vacation. Dumb cane plants are just about the easiest tropical plant to grow indoors. If you live in a low-light space (common for many in the depths of winter), try low-light-loving plants such as philodendrons and spider plants. 

Don’t want the commitment of a potted plant? Opt for fresh flowers instead. 

#2 Bring in some of the scents of summer

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to hop on the pumpkin-scented-everything train. The scents of summer are an easy and immersive way to pull yourself out of the winter doldrums, and scented candles and diffusers are easy to find anytime of the year. 

Look for scents that evoke days spent surfside or at your favorite beach cottage. There are even candles that are meant to capture the soothing smells of a specific beach or island destination. Or look for scents that capture the flavors and florals of summer: fresh peaches, basil, or hydrangeas are some of our go-tos. Pro tip: a spritz into the air of one of our three summer scented body mists can leave your room smelling like a sweet summer day.     

#3 Go beach-themed with decor and accents

Winter furnishings can feel heavy, but it’s your house and you can do what you want — there are no rules that say you must pull out the faux fur throws or fuzzy pillows. If you feel better with a lighter, sunnier tone in your home, then bring in some accessories or furniture that conjure that day-on-the-coast atmosphere. 

Some ideas: Fill a glass jar with seashells. Place a small piece of driftwood on top of a pile of coffee table books that highlight some of your top vacation spots. Purchase some sisal placemats for your table or tropical-patterned pillows for your couch. Print and frame photos of the ocean, palm trees, or whatever represents summer for you and hang them throughout your space. . 

#4 Display photos and mementos from summer vacations past

So much of what we love about summer are the memories: road trips, camping, hiking, fishing, days at the park or beach. Order actual photo prints from all those photos sitting in your phone, then string them up on a wall in your house, or put them in a photo album that you display on your coffee table. 

The same goes for mementos you’ve collected during summer travels. If you have postcards, matchbooks, seashells, or other souvenirs, display them in a bowl or a shadow box. Seeing those things every day just might make you forget how long winter can seem. 

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