How to Pack the Perfect Beach Picnic

Stretched out on the sand enjoying good food, good views, and great people. It’s hard to imagine anything better than a picnic on the beach. But whether you’re out on a romantic date or kicking back friends, you’ll want to master the art of picnic packing.

We’ve put together the most important gear to bring and tips to know in order to create a relaxing and sand-free seaside meal.

Panama Jack Picnic Essentials

Beach Towel

Sand is any beach picnic’s #1 enemy, so when it comes to your picnic blanket, the bigger the better. To add a little luxury to your picnic while keeping the sand at bay, bring along our plush, extra large Vintage Sunset Palm Blanket Beach Towel

Insulated Cooler

There’s no point in sand-safeguarding if you’re just going to pull out warm drinks and spoiled food, so make sure to pack your meal in our insulated and easy to carry cooler. With its zipper closure and durable material, you’ll have no problem protecting all your favorite picnic provisions.   


You may not be laying out to work on your tan, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the sunscreen. Our wide range of sun care products have everything you need to make sure a sunburn won’t interrupt your perfect day on the beach. 

Packing Tips & Tricks

Stack smartly 

Just like you’d strategically pack a suitcase, you should think through the organization of your cooler. To pack your food like a picnic pro, put your drinks at the bottom and follow with a layer of ice packs, and then add in any meat items. Top it off with any fruits, vegetables, and snacks. For long-lasting freshness, remember to keep everything in sealed containers. 

Grab cloth napkins

Unless you plan on rinsing your hands in the water or wiping your hands on a sandy towel, napkins are a beach picnic essential. But not just any napkins! Choose your favorite fabric napkins for a picture-perfect way to clean up messes without hurting the environment. Pro tip: stow away some eco-friendly hand wipes, too. 

Forget the utensils 

The best beach picnic spots aren’t (usually) next to a parking lot, and you probably don’t want to trek through the sand with clunky folding tables. You might need some serving utensils, but leave the rest at home and stick to finger foods for easy, hassle-free eating. Plus, fewer utensils means more room for your favorite beach snacks.  

Prepare & portion

The more you prepare ahead of time, the less likely you’ll end up with sand between your teeth. Put your sandwiches together before hitting the road and pre-cut any large vegetables or fruits. Even better, pack fruits that can be eaten whole, like berries, apples, and grapes. 

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