Panama Jack Beach Cruisers Are the Perfect Way to Get Around

Have you been participating in any socially distanced activities now that the fall is here? Maybe you’ve thought about going to the beach a little more often to enjoy the cooler temperatures. A walk along the beach or a meditation session on the sand may do wonders for your mental health. When you want to explore what else is around after soaking your feet in the ocean, a Panama Jack Beach Cruiser is one of the best ways to get around.

The Panama Jack Beach Cruiser is all about enjoying the beach and ocean ambiance in an environmentally-friendly way. These bikes come in a variety of colors and they feature something called Perfect Fit, which is designed to create a more comfortable ride so you can pedal longer as the ocean breeze keeps you cool.

We know that convenience is a major component when it comes to bike design. This is why our Beach Cruisers are designed with several features to enhance your day at the beach. The wicker basket means you can include essentials like a beach towel, sunscreen, or some snacks you just purchased conveniently stored. The beverage holder makes it easy to bring along your favorite drink while the rear rack and even a soda bottle opener add even more convenience.

Since 1974, The Original Panama Jack has helped customers find new horizons. We believe in “A Kinder Sun” and that life is meant to be lived with love, care, and pride and our products are all about bringing these lifestyles into people’s homes. No matter where the winds of life guide your sails, we’d love to help you get there. Follow us on social media including Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates.