Scents of Summer: Why You Need Body Mist

When you’re out in the hot sun, you probably don’t want to lug around a heavy glass bottle of intense perfume. Body mists are the perfect way to freshen up without weighing yourself down or blasting your nose (and other people’s noses) with too much fragrance.

Compared to its eau de parfum sibling, body mist gives you a lighter, less concentrated scent. While they don't last as long as perfume, they come in much larger sizes at a fraction of the cost, so you can top up your fragrance all day long.

Don’t be fooled by the name. One of the best things about body sprays is that they’re multifunctional. Here are some of the best ways to use your signature scent.


More than a body mist

On the body

Spraying on the body is, of course, the most popular way people use fragrance mists. Spritz the mist all over your body, getting it on your skin for a longer-lasting fragrance, and you’ll be refreshed and ready for the day. For on-the-go touch ups, you can throw the bottle in your tote bag!  


In the wardrobe

Let’s admit it—your clothes can start to smell a little odd when they’ve been sitting around for too long. Body sprays are an easy way to give them a quick refresh. Just hang up your outfit outside of your closet or wardrobe, give it a light covering of body mist, and let it quickly dry before getting dressed.


On the bed

It’s no secret that relaxing scents can help you fall asleep, but not everyone has the money for fancy essential oils. Plus, they aren’t always friendly to sensitive skin or noses. Instead, bring out your favorite body mist as you’re winding down for the night. Give your sheets and pillows a few gentle sprays and get ready for a great night’s sleep.


In the bathtub

Want to take your spa night to the next level? Next time you take a soak in the bathtub, spritz some of your favorite fragrance over the warm water. Not only will you have a lovely scent to enjoy as your stress melts away, but you’ll also smell great when you get out of the water. That’s something your scented candles can’t do!


Panama Jack’s Summer Scents

After so long inside, you’ll probably want to spend every second of your summer outdoors. But with sun and heat often comes sweat and odor. We’ve got you covered! Our selection of affordable body sprays will give you the refresh you need with scents that’ll make you think you’re at the beach, even if you’re just hanging out in your backyard.


Crashing Waves

Miss watching the sunset and feeling the ocean water on your skin as the waves crash? This body mist’s sharp top notes, floral middle, and soft woody base will give you that summer evening feeling.

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Salty Air 

Summer is all about forgetting your everyday worries. So we wanted to replicate the ultimate escape: sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand! With top notes of tequila and lime, this body spray is sure to make you feel at ease. 

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Fresh. Floral. Fruity. This body mist will instantly transport you to a warm summer day by the seashore. And with musky, amber base notes, it’s perfect for both day and night.  

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