Simple Tips for a Fun Beach Run

With virtual runs becoming an increasingly popular activity, you may be thinking about getting a hearty run in now that the fall is here and temperatures have dropped. Why not take your run to the beach? A few tips can turn a beach running experience into something healthy, fun, and scenic.

Find your beach. You’ll want to find a beach where the shoreline is even and flat, especially if you’re just getting started. You also may want to do the running during low tide. Keep in mind that firm sand will make it much easier on your legs.

Work your way up. Just like you would with any activity, start slow. Running on the beach shore is not the same as running on pavement and your body will need to adapt as it takes on the unique terrain.

Determine the footwear or go barefoot. The feel of the damp sand on your bare feet is wonderful and by running barefoot you’ll experience a natural range of motion. Running shoes add stability and support and of course, your feet will be protected from any shells that may be hiding. Figure out what works better for you.

Protect yourself. Remember that even on cloudy days, sunburn is still a real thing. Make sure to put on sunscreen with sufficient SPF before heading out, don’t run if it’s too hot, and stay hydrated.

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