Spruce Up Your Home for Autumn

The leaves are beginning their yearly transformation, there’s a slight yet crisp chill in the air, and everywhere you go something flavored with pumpkin is being offered to you. Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin lattes, even pumpkin lip gloss. Autumn has arrived and, during this season when our bodies and mind typically feel the need to reflect, rest, and rejuvenate, you might be feeling an inclination to stay in more, forsaking the pups and parties, for your cozy kitchen and living room.

Since your home is and should always be your sanctuary, sprucing it up for fall gatherings, for your family, or just for yourself is a must. Read on to discover six ways to warm your home while the weather cools down.

Fill the Air with Spices
Scents candles, incense, potpourri, and oil reed diffusers are all an excellent way to infuse your home with the rich smells of fall. Also, considering burning certain herbs such as sage and sandlewood, which have a cleansing effect.

Avoid mingling too many scents. Instead, choose one or two that suit the theme of your home.

For a beach vibe, Vanillas and Apricots are invigorating but still possess a light and fresh fragrance. Situate them in larger bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Bake and Store Hardy Treats
Another way to add to the overall coziness of your home and bring in delightful aromas is to bake and keep, on hand, delicious fall treats. Many pumpkin and zucchini breads are simple and freeze well, so that you can keep them for your children’s lunches or offer them to guest when they visit.

Perfect for a crisp evening on the beach, cranberry lemon scones are autumn-esque without being too heavy.

Bring the Outdoors In
Using natural objects that you find on the beach, such as beach wood, shells, and glass, you can easily incorporate them into a fall-themed decorative motif. Dried cranberries and beach glass can be added to glass votive candle holders and seashells can be decorated as turkeys on a Sunday afternoon when the kids are bored at home.

Beach wood can be painted in a variety of colors such as light oranges, yellows, and spruce greens. Try taking an old beachwood frame, painting it your favorite autumn color and then hanging three rows of boat rope inside. Then decorate with darkly colored beach glass, either hanging it from the rope or gluing it directly to the frame. You can either collect the glass yourself or purchase it online.

Add a Pillows and Rugs
Adding pillows and rugs to a home during the winter and fall months is an easy way to warm and cozy up any space. For autumn, replace lighters colored rugs and pillows with their darker shades, adding in mustards, eggplants, and deeper corals.

If you have tile or hardwood flowers, look for rugs at your local thrift store and add them just for the holiday season, so that guests may lounge comfortable when they visit and children don’t have to play on a chilly floor.

Throw a House (Decorating) Party
Invite your friends over by throwing an Autumn party. Beforehand, ask them to each send you one craftsy idea for fall decorating each. Choose the ones that you love, purchase the materials, and then have your friends help you create the final products. Some easy and cheap ideas include cutting out miniature pumpkins to make room for votive candles and having a pumpkin painting party.


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