The Beach Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

gift guideMost people consider the holiday season to be the most wonderful time of the year (they even wrote a song about it!)

But for the beach lover in your life, the real most wonderful time of the year is another six or seven months away—which, when you worship the sun, the sand, and the surf, can seem like a lifetime away.

We’ve assembled a few holiday gift ideas to make your loved one’s winter a little more merry and bright. Think of it as the antithesis of Christmas in July: “The Beach in December”.

“Summer Filter” Sunglasses
Imagine you could apply a “summer” style Instagram filter to everything around you—it would feel like you were at the beach every day.

Technology is not quite there yet, but these Silver Aviator Sunglasses with a yellow mirror lens are the next best thing: seeing the world basked in a golden tint will make everything feel a little warmer and beach-like. Pop these in your loved one’s stocking to make their winter a little more bearable.

A Sunny Home Makeover
This one is for the beach bum who would rather be relaxing in a lounge chair on a hot, sunny beach somewhere tropical. Bring the lounge chair experience into your home, no matter the weather, with Panama Jack’s sunroom furniture collection. The Sanibel Armless Chair has a beachy Rattan frame and super fluffy pillows the color of a white sand beach. It’s neutral enough to fit with most color schemes, but has an unmistakable ocean-side vibe.

No room for a new couch? Then pick up a few accent pieces to add a beach-town feel to your home. These seahorse decorative pillows are the perfect nautical touch, and these palm tree pillows add a distinct tropical island mood.

A Perfectly Presented Surprise Getaway
This one is for the beach-obsessed who is at the very top of Santa’s nice list.

The beach lover in your life will love the look of a timeless straw hat wrapped under the tree (you can’t go wrong with a classic fedora for the fellas or a floppy white sunhat for the ladies). But they’ll love what’s tucked inside the hat even more: plane tickets or a hotel reservation to a beach getaway.

Alternatively, you can tuck the flight confirmation details or the hotel’s brochure into the Escape Everyday Gift Set—the sunscreen lotions, aloe vera gel, SPF lip balm, and beach tote are all practical items that can be used on your beach holiday.

The best part? You’ll get to benefit from this gift, too!

Beach-ifying Wall Art
If the beach lover in your life’s job requires them to sit in a dreary office all day long, give them a piece of beach-inspired art to brighten up those plain, boring walls. This flamingo canvas offers a subtle tropical touch, while this vintage “Lifestyle at Half Throttle” aluminum print is the perfect source for a mid-day beach daydream.

A Homemade Winter Survival Kit
Pick up an oversized beach tote bag and stuff it full of goodies that will help your sun-starved loved one survive the cold days ahead. Think coconut scented lotion, a bright t-shirt, a bag of saltwater taffy or chocolate covered macadamia nuts, a pair of beachy sandals, and any other small items that will have your beach lover counting down the days to summer.


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