The Benefits of Lip Balm


Many parts of the world are beginning to head into colder weather, so if you haven’t made lip balm one of your daily skin care essentials, you should. 

Variations of this substance have been used for centuries as a cure for dry, cracked and irritated lips thanks to its moisturizing and protective powers. And today, there are more lip balm options than ever. From fun flavors to added SPF protection, there’s a lip balm for anyone looking for smooth lips through the seasons.

Why You Need It

The skin on your lips is not as tough as the rest of your body, yet it rarely gets a break from exposure. Give your lips the attention they deserve by applying a balm both before and after a long day of eating, drinking, and being out in the elements.

Lips don’t have sweat glands like our scalp or faces, which produce oils to protect the skin, so your lips are naturally more prone to dryness. Lip balms are crucial for locking in any moisture and giving your lips a soft, youthful look.  

Weather has a significant impact on your lips. Though summer months tend to bring more moisture, long days out in the sun can leave your lips dry and irritated if you’re not applying SPF. Winter days may be shorter, giving you less sun exposure, but the dry air can quickly leave your lips begging for moisture. In other words, you’ll want to apply lip balm year round. 

What It Does


When your lips are dry or chapped, lip balm (and water) is your best friend. Pro tip: apply it right before bed and again in the morning so your lips are protected, moisturized and ready for the day.


Cracked, irritated lips aren’t just uncomfortable. They can be downright painful.  To help relieve the pain of chapped lips while adding needed moisture, make sure to always keep a lip balm nearby! 


Get ahead of dryness and damage by regularly applying your favorite lip balm. For maximum protection, find one with SPF to keep your lips protected from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Summer Flavors, Year-Round Protection

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