The Best Christmas Gifts for Beach Lovers

pj christmasChristmas is just around the corner and you might be wondering about what to get the beach lover in your life. Big or small, there are plenty of gifts available for every budget that could satisfy that seaside fanatic you call a friend (or lover).

Beach Towels
If there’s one thing beach lovers can never have too much of it’s beach towels. These puppies get a lot of use during the summer months, and sometimes all throughout the year, and with all the wear and tear they experience it’s always a good idea to have a couple of extra on hand. Heck, some folks even like to have options depending on the day of the week. Whether your friend is a fan of kooky designs or vibrant colors there are no shortage of cool towels to choose from.

Ugly Christmas sweaters seem to be the go-to gift of choice for those who aren’t sure what to buy that special person in their life. If you find yourself resorting to clothes, how about a nice shirt instead? There are plenty of nautical themed duds out there for people who love the ocean more than land. From t-shirts to board shorts to sandals there’s definitely something out there that’ll look good and come in use once the warm sun comes back in the spring.

If you live in a part of the world where the sun goes into hiding for months at a time and getting to the beach just isn’t always an option, help brighten up your sea loving friend’s life by bring the beach home. A great painting or wall decal is a fantastic gift for those who prefer to spend their free time by the sea. It’s likely they already have a pretty colorful room in their home that matches their carefree beach bum style, so why not add to it by gifting them with some pretty gnarly décor?

Something we all forget all too often is the need to protect our skin when we head to the beach. Help your buddy look good in his old age by sending him a care package of sunscreen so he doesn’t have to worry about picking up his own when he’s ready to pound some sand. Let’s be honest, if you don’t buy it for him he’ll probably forget it by the time summer rolls back around.

A Hammock
If you want to splurge a little on a truly great gift that’ll keep your friend happy for years to come, buy him a hammock. These puppies are great pieces of gear to have on hand for any beach adventure. They’re easy to carry, comfortable to hang on and provide a great place to nap after riding a big wave. Plus, they can easily take one home and hang it in the backyard as a swing. Seriously, your friend will love you for it.

A Beach Cruiser
If you’re looking for something extra special for the love of your life, or you just want to be the greatest friend to ever walk the Earth, consider getting your pal a beach cruiser. While it might seem a little outrageous for a Christmas gift, the truth is that this is something you both could benefit from. Purchase a pair of these babies and the two of you could have hours of fun cruising along the ocean and taking in some pretty spectacular views. It’s a great couples gift or just a nifty way to make sure you and your significant other (or friend!) stay in shape throughout the year.


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