The Surf Bum RV Lifestyle

For the minimalist surfer who likes to travel, the RV lifestyle often stands as the ultimate goal. These intrepid dreamers strive to shed the trappings of the capitalist machine, cut out on their own and live by the rules of road and swell, untethered from a foundation or a desk.

There’s no reason this vision has to remain a pipedream. Our cellphones have evolved into small computers, capable of fielding conference calls, sending emails and editing memos, all before breakfast. Why not take your work and your life permanently on the road? People do it, and you can find lots of tips online.

But while some idealists will choose an extreme adherence to this way of living, you can also incorporate elements of it into your life without forever vacating your regular existence, although that’s a great way to go, if you can achieve it.

From weekend warrior to dedicated road-trip guru, every travelling surf bum has to consider certain factors.

Figure out what you need for your RV surf adventure. Are you a born-again, rootless-to-the-bone, wandering surf philosopher who goes with the flow and lets the currents take you where they will? Or do you just yearn to step outside your daily boundaries for a short while—a weekend, a month—whenever you feel the need? Is there a certain dream surfing location you want to explore in depth? Your heart and soul is your compass. Plot accordingly.

The Vehicle

So once you know what you want to do, how do you build your dream? You make sure your new wheeled home is the right one for the job. Research vehicles to figure out which RV best suits your needs.

An older model camper or motorhome can be highly cost-efficient if you do your research. If the vehicle is a part of your spiritual growth, a character in your story, a soulful older model might have what you’re looking for. But perhaps money is no object and your comfort-creature instincts are well developed. In this case, a new model could best suit your needs. Remember, any vehicle purchase is a big investment. The more research you do, the better your trip will match your vision. Check out this buyers guide as a starting point.

Factors to Consider
All surfers need to consider board storage. Ideally, you will stash your board inside your vehicle. Whether you plan to secure it to the ceiling of your camper or install a false floor in your custom motorhome to keep your board safe, take careful measurements and make sure your vehicle accommodates your board.

With your vehicle outfitted and your surfboard stowed safely, plan your itinerary. Know which camp spots have RV access, as well as perks like hookups. If you can travel in the off-season, popular spots become more accessible. Just bear in mind that beach access and surf quality can be affected by the seasons. These spots could be ideal for your next trip.

However you structure your adventures, wherever they lead you, life is a quest. There is beauty in motion. Breathe salt air, eat beach-stand tacos and enjoy the journey.

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