Top 6 Must Read Surfing Books

If you’re looking to surf the tales of a good read, a surfing book might just be for you. Surfing is one of those majestic sports where adventure thrives and life lessons come alive. From humor to romance to suspense, no matter what book you read, you’ll get caught in the undertow of flowing words. Surf vicariously through some of the best surfers, and authors, who explore the waves of life in search for peace, love and soulful living.

Kook: What Surfing Taught me about Love, Life and Catching the Perfect WaveOnce a kook, explore the grit and humor of author, Peter Heller, who turned “pro” in the game of love, life and surfing. Heller travels to Southern California and Mexico with his girlfriend and comes across some eccentric surfers to share some humorous tales. Kook is a love story with his surfboard, girlfriend, a not-so-old man, and the sea.

The History of SurfingAuthor Matt Warshaw spent five years researching and writing about surfing. This historical piece of art to contain nearly 500 pages, 250,000 words and more than 500 photographs. The speech portrayed integrates authoritative and humor while maintaining an original voice. This is the in-depth and definitive history of surfers.

Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the SeaAuthor, Jaimal Yogis, became fed up his teenage life in the suburbs and ran off to Hawaii with a little cash and a copy of Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha.  From communes to monasteries and the Pacific to the New York shoreline, this book is part a surfer’s tale and spiritual memoir. Find a meditative focus in the barrel and discover the truth of the salty-blue ocean.

Distant Shores: Surfing the Ends of the EarthThis the latest book from award-winning surfing photographer, Chris Burkard. Featuring surfers persistently searching for wild, remote destinations that are off the beaten track; explore the picturesque landscapes from Alaska to India in this photogenic book. It’ll make you jealous or want to surf–or maybe both.

Surfing Maverick: The Unofficial Biography of Jay MoriarityJay Moriarity, big time surfer, is highly admired in the surfing community thanks to his positive spirit and relentless dedication. This book celebrates his real, surfing life to understand the true meaning behind his thoughts on how to understand life through surfing. Jay died a day before his 23rd birthday; therefore, this book demonstrates the countless tales of his life and people he’s met throughout his journey.

The Soul of SurfingThis book is Fred Hemmings’ “Talking Story” about surfing’s culture, history and his long-term friendship with the sport.  Explore the surfing culture from the in-depth surfer slang to the daredevils who risk their life with each massive wave. Discover the elite who forge through Hawaii’s formidable waves.


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