Turn Your Bedroom Into A Beachside Oasis

PanamaJackHavenComforterSetSummer might be over, but who says you have to lose that beachy feeling? Just bring it indoors! You can design your bedroom to resemble a beachside oasis so you can feel like you’re falling asleep by the sea even in the dead of winter.

Lighter Colors
The beach is a bright, sunshiny place and if you want to capture that feeling in your bedroom, then there’s no room for dark and drab colors. Whites, creams, light browns, blues and greens are the way to go. Throw in some bed sheets that resemble the ocean waves so you’ll feel like you’re floating above the water at night instead of a hardwood floor.

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No, we’re not talking about expensive pillows that cost an arm and leg with fancy names scribbled on the tags—we mean pillows with actual designs on them. Put together some throw pillows emblazoned with seashells and beach critters to give your room a more authentic feel. You’ll feel like you’re surrounded by all of the beach’s natural wildlife inside your home.

Tropical or Harbor?
There are many types of beaches, but tropical sands surrounded by jungle and little harbor-side oases are some of the best. Which do you want your room to feel like? If you’re a fan of the tropical variety, we recommend investing in some greenery to accent the lighter creamy, sandy tones. Maybe paint a wall in muted green to give the impression of a jungle behind you, or use a green comforter for a similar affect.

If you prefer the beauty of a wooden harbor surrounding you, aim for some lighter brown tones to accent the room instead.

Use Wood
Wood and beaches go hand in hand, so you’ll want to make sure you have some in your new oasis. Go for wood bedside tables rather than glass. If you can find one with latticework, that’s even better. You might even consider placing a small table at the foot of your bed where you can store some extra goods.

Let There Be Light
One of the best parts of the beach is the abundant sunshine. You’re not going to feel like you’re on vacation if you’re sitting in the shade all day and night. If you’re got big windows, only cover them with light fabrics that don’t drown out the sun. If you’ve got smaller windows—well, it might be time to consider upgrading into something a little nicer if you can afford it. If not, no worries! Just use the same technique and allow as much light in as possible.

Get Quirky
The beach is known for bright colors and a little eccentricity in terms of the people and creatures often found there. You want to add a little quirkiness to your bedroom without going overboard. Throw in some unique trinkets and decoration that resemble the sights and colors of the beach. Seashell lamps are popular options, or just throw in some statues shaped like a mermaid. It’s your choice.

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