What the SPF? Enjoy Summer with the Right SPF

The summertime means safely enjoying the outdoors while social distancing but it also means temperatures will run high. As the numbers rise, it is imperative that you take the proper precautions when you’re outdoors, and that means protecting your skin by wearing sunscreen. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays without sunscreen can cause premature aging and it also increases the chances of developing skin cancer.

What’s Your Number?

Generally, sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 will protect most people, but there is more to it. Depending on your complexion, you may be able to use something with 15 SPF if, for example, you have a light complexion. The fairer the skin, the stronger the SPF you’ll need, and vice versa. However, 30 remains the safest bet.

Enjoy the High Temperatures, Not the High Numbers

Beware of sunscreen boasting excessively high SPF. These products may not provide an adequate level of protection to block ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, the high numbers may cause people to believe it is okay to spend extended amounts of time in direct sunlight which, again, may prove harmful.

Our Sun Skin Care page has an extensive assortment of products designed to protect, nourish, and keep your skin healthy.

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