10 Tips to Beat the Heat

Purestock / thinkstock.com

Purestock / thinkstock.com

It’s finally here: the winter boots are out of sight and sun, swimsuits, and sunglasses are all you’ll need until September.

While the start of summer is always an exciting time, the true dog days of summer still lie ahead. There will be days that are so hot, you’ll be left wondering how your skin hasn’t just melted off. On those unbearably hot days, you might actually find yourself fantasizing about winter.

Don’t let the heat get to your head: we’ve got 10 tips to help you stay cool—both physically and mentally—when the mercury hits the roof.

Let the Sun Do the Drying
Your clothes dryer is practically a furnace. When it’s running, it emits a ton of heat, making a stuffy house even more unbearable. Give it a rest (and—bonus—save on your electricity bill) by air-drying your clothes out in the sun.

Give Your Electronics a Break
Your TV and computer (and other electronics) can heat up quite a bit when they’re in use, so unplug and watch the thermometer dip. This is the perfect motivator to let go of technology and do some ‘old-fashioned’ things, like flip through a magazine, head to the pool, or catch up with friends—in person!

Shutter Up
When the mercury rises in the sweltering south of France, homeowners keep their shutters firmly fastened as soon as the sun comes out. While it may seem counterintuitive to close your windows, shutters (or curtains or blinds) keep the sun out, leaving the inside space nice and cool. Open your windows when the sun disappears for some fresh air.

Plan Strategic Field Trips
The sun is strongest in the middle of the day, so avoid being under the direct sun between 10 AM and 4 PM. You might take this window as an opportunity to seek out air-conditioned spaces like the library, the movie theater, or a museum.

Peel Off the Bangles
Music festival go-ers, take note: the armful of bracelets and layers of necklaces might look super stylish, but metal accessories can suck up the heat and leave you feeling very hot. Keep the accessories simple, and opt for light, airy fabrics that are slightly loose fitting.

Get Low
In high school science class, we learned that heat rises. So head towards the basement or the lowest floor in your home to keep yourself feeling cool.

Become a Fan of Fans
Nothing feels better than a cool breeze in the middle of a heat wave. Take your fan to the next level cool by placing a bowl of cold water in front of the fan. The fan will blow cool air onto you. Voila—homemade air conditioner.

Embrace the Summer Diet
Keep meals simple and full of fresh veggies—and whatever you do, don’t use the oven! There’s a reason we crave fresh foods in the summer time. Leave the fussy, complicated dishes for autumn and winter, and indulge in salads galore. Don’t forget to stay hydrated—this might be the #1 tip for staying cool.

Water Yourself
Speaking of water, use it externally to stay fresh. Mist your face with a spray bottle filled with water. Run cold water on the inside of your wrists for 10 seconds for an instant cool down. And on the hottest day of the year, soak a t-shirt in cold water and slip it on.

Run Through the Sprinkler
Seriously—try it. If you’re outside and come across a sprinkler, channel your inner kid and leap into it. It will feel unbelievable refreshing and will remind you of the days where summer seemed never ending, each day more magical than the last.

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